Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey Yall!

So man has this been a crazy week! The subject of this email is very true! Like to a T! It actually snowed here in mississippi! Its not like Idaho big fluffs of was just litte flurries! BUT it snowed for a whole day! 

This week we also got to listen to some apostles and such on missionary work, they had a worldwide broadcast about teaching repentance and baptizing converts! It was like a mini general conference for missionaries! LVOE IT! 

So ever since i got to the lovely Vicksburg Mississippi i have been sleeping on an air mattress! I wasnt complaining cuz its a lot better than the floor:) Plus it was a snazzy air mattress not a cheep one! hehe so we were helping a family move out this last week and all their kids are at BYUI so they were getting rid of a lot of stuff. They found out i was sleeping on air:) and decided they would just give us the mattress that the kids didnt need. It was a brand new mattress! I hadnt really cared about the situation but it would have been nice to have a regular bed. The Lord really does answer all prayers even if they arent even said. He knows the desires of our hearts! I was so blessed to have someone care and listen to the spirit! 

Our area is also really ritzy and has lots of amazing houses....tractings not very efficient but we make it work:) Also the Mississippi river is like super flooded so they have water everywhere!

Also just another reminder about writing me for my birthday (Feb 7th) :) 😀 haha i know its obnoxious and all about me...but missionaries love mail, what else can i say;) 

Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi

Homes in Vicksburg:)

Best TRIO yall ever did see:)

Stores of the South!


So just thought id update yall on everything that has happened since i email yesterday....lots of stuff has happened. Sooooo..........

I found out i will be going to Vicksburg with Sister Steadman and Sister Elliot...yup thats right I have two companions now! TRIO STATUS! its gonna be a blast! They are both sorta new to the mission stuff so its gonna be a blast to see all the fun explode! This week is gonna be awesome and I cant wait to email yall monday bout our amazing experiences! 

Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi:)

Monday, January 11, 2016

CLOSING Wake Village

Hey Yall!

Well I dont have a lot of time today, but this has been the craziest week of my life! (as a missionary) Let me explain...

Monday- pday and then we had 3 fhe's planned and the last one was with a part member family. The youngest Kayla (12) was totally on board for being baptized and having all the discussions. It totally made our day!

 Tuesday- Day full of members! Like Woah we had 5 members go out with us that day! We went and saw tons of less actives and ate a lot of food:) Also got to see Kayla again!

Wednesday- The day of meetings. We went out with a member that morning, and then had a zone meeting and talked about new changes. Then we had our ward correlation meeting with the members to talk about those we are teaching. 

Thursday- Day full of members again! Cram packed...BUT while we were with a member we get a phone call from the mission president. (UH OH) and he is asking about maybe closing our area. WHAT! they just dont have enough sisters to keep all the areas open as most sister are going home this transfer. Kayla is doing so well in reading and knowing this is true! Also saw Tony again! So happy he's taking this trip with missionaries again and looking at the gospel with "new eyes" as he says.

Friday- Sister Frandsen was so sick! She got a 24 hour stomach bug and man I thought she was gonna die! But she was better by 11:30 that night:)

Saturday- we were so antsy for our phone call the whole day! We didnt get called till 9:45 that night and man was it rough! We really didnt want to hear the word close! BUT we get the phone call and yes, WE ARE CLOSING WAKE VILLAGE! man, thats sad to hear. All of our work and investigators, and everything is gonna be gone. BUT it's ok, we will keep in touch with them.

Sunday- Lots of goodbyes, food, testimonies, Food, phone calls, and FOOD! I think we ate 7 times that day. MAN why couldnt we do this before we were closing!lol Goodbye's are always hard, but you will see them again!

Monday- Today consist of packing, cleaning, saying bye, more cleaning,more packing, and then driving 2 hours to Shreveport to be at tpoint tommorrow at 6am. Its gonna be a great day!

Well as you can's been super hectic, BUT i love it! I love all yall and hope you have the best week in the world! the scriptures!

Miss yall!

Sister Durtschi

AND blue bell is BACK!
This is what happens when you switch camera's with an elder for a day:)

Getting run over...typical elders!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2 Weeks Gone

Hey Yall!

Sorry I missed last week, we didnt have a pday so we werent able to email, so sorry:/

Since I missed two weeks, yall gets two weeks worth in one email! Yall are special! So much happend! First CHRISTMAS! was so great! Got to skype Alex on Christmas Eve and then my fam on Christmas as well:) We went over to many members houses and had nerf wars and just had so much fun! then that night we went caroling to a bunch of people and had most would let us in to eat more gonna be in a food coma for weeks!

We also went on exchanges again! Got to go with the wonderful Sister Richards! She goes home next week, so it was bitter sweet to be on one of her last exchanges! We aslo had interviews with president and found out Sister Frandsen will be leaving next week. Oh btw we have transfers next week:)

We also started teaching this guy named Tony Hanning. The sisters taught him a lot before they dropped him. As in 5 teaching records worth, for those of you who don't know, that's a lot. He's much more ready now though, I would guess that it's mainly because he's on his meds now. It really gave me a confirmation that when we say things like, it just isn't their time. Those aren't empty words, their time will actually come.

We've had a lot of discouragement lately as we've had to drop almost all of our investigators, its hard when the only thing holding em back is coming to church. BUT just as in Tony's situation, it is all in timing!

Speaking of time its 2016! what! Time flies! But time can be used for a good thing. The church has put out this fun video about the future and looking at this new year. I encourage yall to watch it!

I hope yall have a great week and enjoy the many miracles and blessings the Lord provides ya this week:)

Love Yall!

Sister Durtschi

Sisters are the best!

Frandsen and I...we da best in da west...and south:)