Monday, June 27, 2016

So did Luke Skywalker!

Hey Yall!

First off...Shout out to SISTER WINKEL(my 1st companion!) SHE'S ELDER HENDRICKSON! #woah Anywho...thats the biggest news of the day:)

Oh my this week was insane! SOO SPIRITUAL! 

We had the BEST zone conference I have ever been to! Our mission president talked about repentance and the the zone leaders and stl's talked about confidence and being bold and how we act on that! So spiritual! Our mission president got up at the end and said out of all the zone conferences he's been to this was his favorite and if he could rate it from 1-10 he'd give it a 9.5; because if he gave it a 10 it would go to our heads. Loved it sooo much!

Also go to spend the night in Vicksburg before zone conference since we live in Timbuktu:) Was weird staying in an area that i'd served in before. BUT i got to see some of my favorite families there! The HARGIS'S and the RACES! Man do i love them! So happy they are all growing up! 

Had exchanges in Richland with the best STL's in the mission! Sister Harrison and Sister Frandsen! I went with Sis. Harrison and can i just say...if i had a twin-it would be her! I love her guts! Oh my! It was a short exchange, but we just had a blast! Sister Frandsen and I both started our missions in the same spot (shout out long beach) so it was fun to catch up on things that happened there. Love them!

When we finally got back to our area we had a full couple days to work it. We walked EVERYWHERE! and oh my has it been just as the weatherman predicted...SUNNY and 100 degrees with HUMIDITY! but that doesnt keep us away from those ready to hear more about Jesus Christ! So we walked and walked and the pioneer children! So as we were walking we met some really cool people, and some creepers (one was very high and was hitting on sister oconnor...we didnt really know how creepy he was till i started getting his contact info and he said "i wont give it to you, but ill give it to her." and saying things like, "oh i like that one christian girl." in other words watch out for them creepers) Met our coolest new investigator! We lover her...pray for her and our work in helping her. Her name is Courtney BTW:) 

The reason for the subject line is....a quote from zone conference lunch:) Elder Vest, Elder Stanford, Elder Davidson and I were all talking and brought up Napoleon Dynamite and Elder Vest had asked if I'd seen some movie. I responded "no, i lived in the middle of no where." Elder Vest said "so! So did sister Maughan." Elder Davidson responds "So did Luke Skywalker." haha we all just died of laughter! Love other missionaries! 

Well this week was just amazing but I'm short on time so Ill let yall go. I'm 98% sure im getting transferred so no more mail to Greenville please. Ill let yall know next Monday where I end up:) Love yall millions! Keep being awesome! 

Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi

Exchanges:) Best ZL's and STL's eva!




Weaver the III

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We all have mission calls...and i miss Grandpa so much!

Monday, June 20, 2016

No power...but still have MISSIONARY POWER

Hey Yall!

This week has been the craziest, weirdest, hardest, saddest, most insane, happiest, hottest, coolest, most spiritual, and most changing on my mission! I have never felt so many emotions in one week as i did this week. I know without a doubt that this week is one for the books! 

So to start out we saw miss Debbie and helped her clean and eat her food:) She asked us if she could just call us over whenever she actually wanted to cook and we told her of course! (she lives by herself and doesnt cook very often) I just love our investigators!

We were suppose to have a baptism Saturday...but the Lord had other plans. Sammy and Sir have left Greenville. Dont know where they are or what they are that was really hard to just have our two most progressing and willing to change to just drop off the face of the earth and not have any closure to the subject. BUT we have faith in our finding efforts to find the next Sammy and Sir and have a different outcome:)

Wednesday we had the best scripture study class! We had some of my favorite members in the Greenville ward there and we just learned so much as we follow the spirit and discuss what they want to talk about in the chapters we're going over. LOVE IT!

We went to another favorite members house and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her as she turned 88 that day! She about fell off the porch with happiness! She is amazing!

Friday we went to Sis. Washingtons and had the process i had my first Kool-aid pickle....was interesting...but i love it! 

Saturday we had our M&M night:) Was a SUCCESS! lots of people came brought friends! Oh how i love the words FREE MILKSHAKES and apparently so do the people around here:)

Now the subject of my Friday we had a GIANT storm! WIND(wich is an Idaho wind...but you dont get it much here in Mississippi) and RAIN(the normal kind of Mississippi rain...buckets!) and it blew trees down and took out power lines. So our power went out about 6ish on Friday night. Then we heard that it would get turned back on at 10ish or midnight. Well we woke up many times that night because well it was HOT! no AC no fans....just heat! We woke up that morning and still no power...didnt really know what to do so we went to the church. Luckily the church had power:) Set up for the M&M night. Found out that the power didnt get turned back on till right before we got home Saturday night. Can I say miracle or what!?! Like The ac had kicked on and it wasnt too hot, but man it was just soo great to do things the hard way of missionary style cuz we didnt have power...but we still had our missionary power! 

Sorry bout this one being a long one, so i wont give yall a challenge this week! Other than KEEP BEING AMAZING! 
Sister Durtschi

Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Has Hit The South

Hey Yall!

Another announcement! ELDER LUKE DURTSCHI! Is gonna be the bestest Elder Durtschi in the Everett, Washington mission! #5DURTSCHI'S #PreachinTheGospel #AroundTheWorld

I dont even know where to start! This week was the busiest i've ever been my entire life! So many blessings came from Heavenly Father because of our faithful work! 

I really wish time would slow down! I don't like how fast my mission is going, so it makes me cherish more and more each day that I'm here.

This week has been insane crazy sauce! We had so many members come out with us and we saw so many people! Really has been a blessing as I've been trying to be the best missionary i can be. I love being able to see the more obedient and hard working I become the more Heavenly Father trusts me with His children. 

Sammy and Sir wont be getting baptized this weekend. We had a crazy week with them as well. We met with them a couple times at the beginning of the week, and then chaos happened. Sammy and Sir ended up leaving and going to Texas. We haven't been in contact with them since Friday. We honestly don't know whats really going on. But hopefully we can get something up and going again with them. Its just been a great week to rely on the Lord and notice that its His timing, and if we have enough faith it will all work out.

We went to Clinton for ZTM this week. Oh my! I love our Zone! Best zone in the MJM! Talked a lot about following the spirit and how we have to have the spirit in order for others to feel the spirit. Really spiritual if you ask me!:) Who would of thunk, talking bout the spirit and what we need to do to have the spirit brings the spirit into our meetings.....weird! :)

I had to speak Sunday on prayer. So i tied it into my decision to come on a mission and prayer throughout my mission. Was really fun! I love this ward! They are just a tad smaller than home but they have some of the same characters and it makes me happy to see them each week!:) 

We have our M&M night this weekend and so we hope lots of people come! Send your prayers this way as we try to make it a fun/spiritual night for everyone and anyone that comes. All yall are invited too if ya want to make the trip to Mississippi:) jk dont do that!lol 

Well ill let yall go, but have an amazing week and focus on the ATONEMENT this week as you go about your day and recognize all that our brother Jesus Christ has done for us! I love all yall dearly! 
Sister Durtschi

Put to much soap in the dishwasher...oooops

Its true:)

Elder Stanford, Vest, and I:)


Love the Johnson Family!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Yall Are STELLA!

Hey Yall!

Well this week...the rain came AGAIN! I know without a doubt that rain is great...but sucks as a missionary! BUT we had the happy days for us:) 

We went hard this week with seeing lots of people! Sammy and Sir are still doing amazing and are loving the changes in their lives to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Had the best lesson with Sir (12 year old) about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity....and he acted as a 12 year old would, but we just made lots of jokes and kept it in his learning perspective:) 

Idk bout yall but TIME needs to stop! Sorry mom but i just cant go home yet! I need more time out here! Really wish we could extend to do 2 years but doesnt happen. So much happens and i dont want to miss a second of it! I've been changing lots and so are the people we are teaching, but with change comes tears and trials. I know i talked last week about changing....this week is YOU CAN DO IT! Yall are special and have the best coach in the world to get you thru the championship game. Heavenly Father knows more than we do! He sees the big picture and is there when we get injured or dont know what play to do in order to win the game. He doesnt want you to fail! You are his! YOU CAN DO IT is what He is screamin and I am too! KEEP GOING! Keep your head up! DONT LOOK DOWN! 

I love you all sooo much! Miss you more!
Sister Durtschi

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