Monday, February 29, 2016

Opening Greenville, MS

Hey Yall!

What a week! I mean a crazy totally dysfunctional week! This is how it went! We had transfers Tuesday where I found my new companion Sister Demetropoulos (sister Demo)! She is going home this killing her! (mission term) So we then drove the 2 hours from Clinton to Greenville. But the problem is we DONT have a PHONE! We still dont. The mission office didnt get it in time for transfers so we are still waiting for them to mail it to us:/

We are also in a car share (first one in almost a year)! so the elders had the car the first few days and we had nothing. no phone, no members, knew nothing of  the area. The area book was a mess! Like we had no clue where to even start! So we've spent this whole week pretty much learning the area and meeting EVERY single person missionaries in the past have met. Its been a crazy week!

So much has happened but one thing i know is that the Lord is always aware of our situations! Life is rough sometimes but the more we rely on Him the more we feel His LOVE!

Love yall! Hope this week goes by swell for ya! MISS YA!
Sister Durtschi

Greenville water...its filtered compared to bottle water:/

The Greene's:)

The Hargis Fam:)

The Race Fam:)

The Mitchell's:)


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Comfort Zones:/

Hey Yall!

So this week was crazy! so busy and never enough time! Spent a ton of time on the phone with members trying to get em to come out. Which worked in our favor because so many people came out with us this week! Love when members want to come hang out with missionaries:) So we went to see some investigators and less actives with em. Had some fun times. 

Also had zone conference this oh man is my mission gonna change starting Feb 23rd! They have decided we no longer have to get 7 hours of tracting a week. Also tons of our other key indicator numbers we try to reach for are gone...because its turned into a number mission. All everyone wants is a change the numbers to ZERO and you can actually go out and work because you love working and you love the people! Someone was thinking when they set this up!:) Hopefully we see some good progress come from all of us getting out of our comfort zones.

Not a whole lot happened this week other than that big news. Its been a good week and very busy! Next week is transfers and were excited to see what happens because we're in a trio and dont know whats gonna happen, but we'll find out Saturday:) My guess is Sister Elliott leaves because President said she might and I also might leave because President is wanting Sister Steadman to guess yall will find out next week:)

One thing I learned this week is "when you are in a slum, unslummping yourself is not easily done"(dr. suess) BUT the Lord is there for you in those slums...LIFE is HARD! things just get in the way of the amazing dreams and aspirations you have. The thing that makes everything better tho is special moments that let you know the Lord and Heavenly Father really are watching out for you and want the best for you! It takes time...but you can see em! Mormon 9:17-21 and I challenge yall to write down a miracle a day that yall see for a week! The Lord is always there!

Love yall!
Sister Durtschi
Mission Miracle! (no Reese's on paper!)

Brayden Hargis:) Best 9 year old eva!
 At the Hargis household yesterday Bro Hargis and I put the kitchen together. Cabinets and counter top (hand made counter top!) and sanded and stained it...did it all. Sister Hargis and my comps worked out!:) haha gotta love serving in a trio (we get stuff done!)

"Yo, Bro H you need a hand?"-me
"If I was any other guy I'd say yes...but I'm married and I cant take your hand! But yes, get your butt over here and help!"-Bro Hargis

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mission Birthday!

Hey Yall,

So first off...THANKS for everything this week! Yall have all made my day with all the birthday wishes and that. Thanks for the packages, letters, text, phone calls, flowers, parties, and just everything yall have done! Really made the world so much better! 

My birthday consisted of church, weekly planning and members with lots of cakes! I just love the world lately! But sad day when I am no longer a teenager...cant get away with stupid stuff anymore.hehe

This week we had interviews with president that went great and then we had apartment inspections with the Blacks...greatest couple in the south:) Also ran into a guy tracting that after we explained the Book of Mormon he said "um how do I join yalls church?" so we are excited to see how things go with Cody and his family this week! The south is a rough place to serve a mission...BUT you see so many crazy amazing things everyday that make it totally worth going out and about:) 

Also for news this week...we have a kid with mental problems in our ward and he always does something crazy every week in church. well this week was great! His mom was telling him to stop doing something and he flipped and ran in front of the whole congregation and yells "BISHOP HELP ME!" haha it was so flippin funny because everyone is so use to him and so bishop was just like uhhh whatevs. 

Speaking of BISHOP's! I can finally let the beans out of the bag... CONGRATS to my great dad for being called as bishop! I know its a big calling, just as Uncle Ben says "with great power comes great responsibility" and I know you will do great things! The Lord is always in our lives and is always helping us through anything and everything! You are amazing and I know we are all praying for you! LOVE YOU!

Yall are just the best! I can not express enough how much love i have felt this past week from all of you! I know I have people that care about me. But someone that cares about all of us is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! They love us more than anyone and will always show us that love! Always remember that!

Love yall!

Sister Durtschi
Hargis's gave me a surprise bday party:)

White hair at 20!
Sister Race made me a cake:)
Brayden:) Share a birthday week:)


Smith and I had bdays this week:)
Flowers from Ms. H:)

Southern Style

Hey Yall,

What a week! Saw so many people this week! So Ill give yall a rough review of our week:)

Maralyn- the missionaries have been teaching her for a while and she is loving the lessons and everything. Just need her to come to church:)

PJ- Ran into her tracting. She was so awesome and then started talking about her prison time and all this jazz and we got a little sketched out...but then she said she found God through this experience and is willing to study with us:) 

Mary- the missionaries have been teaching her for a while as well. But we only had one lesson left with her and  it was the beloved Law of Chastity lesson:) I actually really like giving this lesson. But while we were giving it she completely agreed with it, cept for the fact that she's been married 3 times and thinks that since she's been married she can sleep with anyone now. hehe gotta clear that one up:) She's a great old lady!

Br'Maria- We were teaching her and her sister (35 years apart) and we were reading the into to the Book of Mormon. Instead of saying Moroni she said Macaroni  and just went on and then at the end she was suppose to say Messiah instead she said Maaaaaammmm:) She's a cute 10 year old:)

We also had the joy of going to Madison Mississippi so Sister Steadman and her trainor (one of my MTC comps) could go to a baptism in Petal. Sister Elliot decided to go with them as well. So i got to stay with the wonderful, amazing, hilarious SISTER FRANDSEN! yes, my last companion! We had such a blast! Like oh man! Never laughed so hard in my entire life! Spent the day tracting and catching up on life:) 

Now is the time for the southern list...are you ready? Well here we go...

Everyone says "scruggle", "screet", "scraight", "go pick your switch", "go get a buggy"
Mississippi is 50 years behind on everything! 
MJM ghetto is totally different from idaho/utah ghetto...its thug!
South is all about football... They would die for their teams! #BAMA
Cooking here is seasoned and fried! All about that beans and rice as well:)
There are trains everywhere in the south!
Everyone and their dog...because everyone has a dog!
All houses have porches that people sit on every night
Mississippi people drive crazier than people in Utah do!
Everyone has jacked up granny gangsta cars! 


Remember to have fun this week and help someone randomly!
Love ya!
Sister Durtschi
Frandsen and I back together:)
Biggest leaf yall ever did see!