Monday, August 15, 2016


Hey Yall!

First of all...SHOUT OUT to SISTER FRANDSEN! SHES ENGAGED!!! TO ELDER HERNANDEZ! Sister Frandsen and her mom came by to see me this week and yall.... I LOVE HER! (and her mom) made all the difference in my transfer! Cant wait to see em at their wedding! December 30th!

And now back to our normal week...well its still not normal cuz tracting isnt fixed but we have a new game plan because we found out Sand Hill is staying open. So gonna see EVERYONE on the ward roster and try our best to talk to everyone and get appointments with them. If yall have any good ideas to keep us busy...I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR EM! WE NEED HELP!lol

Had exchanges this week! Got to go on Sister Kay's last exchange EVER! She goes home on Wednesday...back to the homeland of IDAHO! It was a blast and had lots of fun staying up waaaaay late talking bout my first area LONG BEACH that she had just left a little bit ago! Love my birthplace!

We had ZTM(zone training meeting) this week and all the elders got matching ties, so the STL's wanted to match too. They asked Sister Scott and I to make all the sisters necklaces called Mississippi Snowballs. It was fun:) In ZTM we talked bout writing in our journals and the importance of keeping a record. (pretty much a cry to repent for Sister Durtschi - ooops) 

We also just got transfer calls and ...... IM STAYING! but my best friend, SISTER SCOTT is leaving:( I dont want her to leave but with how short of time we both have left we knew it was gonna happen! I'm going to miss her sooo much! But Ill be seeing her around...specially in UTAH in December when she comes home! 

Well yall! I just wanted to share with yall something that I love! Alma 5:7 "Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word..." Yall WAKE UP! One of the greatest things I've learned is the BIGGEST miracle we can ALL see is A CHANGE OF HEART! When we wake up from ourselves and want to help others, we feel better and GUESS WHAT? You become more like CHRIST! Whats better than that? WAKE UP and share the light God has given yall! It starts with simple things...C-church P-prayer R-reading the scriptures...CPR! (it brings ya to life!) Yall just do it for a week and see the difference in your life! 

Sister Durtschi
Sister Scott is leaving:/
Clynt! Zallene said something funny:)
Sister Kay!
throwback...before the mission! CTR!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Hey Yall!

So this week Sister Scott and I had our first fight...well not really...ok thats a lie, we never fight....but sister scott does KILL TURTLES! We were driving to DM in Hattiesburg and guess what, we saw a turtle crossing the road and what does sis scott do?? RUNS IT OVER! I yelled "turtle" and then BOOM! So yall can forever remember her as THE TURTLE KILLER! 

Another thing is we have a newer senior couple in the office that are over all the cars in the mission;Elder Edwards, well he absoluetly loves us well because we're the SAND HILL SISTERS, and we are trying to solve the MANY problems with our car. (oldest car in the mjm-but still doesnt have enough miles to sell it) so we were talking to him on our way to Hattiesburg and he was searching for our vehicle info. So instead of making the call ooober awko taco...we both just started out blaring the tune of Indianna Jones....He starts to talk so we stop and says "let me put you on speaker, the office needs to hear this!" so we kept going. They absolutely love us! They all laughed, we've had to call a couple times and they always ask to hear our theme song:) 

We ate dinner at the Ishee's this week, and Scott accidentally lost the keys to our car at their house. so when they found them they brought them back to us the next day, so to pay em back for being AMAZING, we got some Blue Bell and hung out! Haha the things members do for missionaries! 

Clynt (our 17 year old less active) came to church again! Happy Days! Ms. Gracie (our investigator, shes 93) prayed AGAIN! (dont remember if I told yall she did the first time or not), but she PRAYED OUT LOUD! She has been taught for YEARS and no one has been able to even teach her till we showed up and were like uhh we'll give service and share a message! so she's been doing STELLAR! Pray for them please!

All is going well here! We still cant tract and it is now going between the county attorney and the church's attorneys to get the tracting solved, so we honestly dont know whats gonna happen with transfers this next week. Ill let ya know next Monday tho:) 

Sister Durtschi

Ishee's are the BEST!


#ThrowbackMonday Sister Winkel and Rodriguez and Garry!

random old building:)

Monday, August 1, 2016


Hey Yall!

Guess what we did this week? let me just tell yall...all your guess's will be wrong! We had such a great time this week!

So we found out yesterday that the tracting situation is having to go to church headquarters because the city isnt willing to listen to the we wont get to tract at all this transfer! I NEVER thought i'd say this but I MISS TRACTING! I dont have many cool stories now...sorry!

We were out seeing less actives at the boarder of Mississippi and of course we went to take a pic with the bama sign! You cant pass up on that opportunity! (dont worry mom i didnt leave the mission!) 

We went over to a members house and made cookies to take out the next day to less actives....but we accidentally made a big below to explain. 

District Meeting this week was top notch! I love my district! Sister Maughan made us all lunch and then we had a lesson by Elder Hill on how to truly get people to listen to our message and to teach to their needs! SOOO GOOD!

We also are teaching a man named Brilliant! (pronounced Bril-ant) and oh my! He is so ready for this gospel! He is trying to change his life to be a better Christian...he came to church a couple weeks ago before we even taught him, we just invited him to church. Now he's taking the lessons and loving every second of it! LOVE HIM! 

Sorry its short, but its a ZONE PDAY! so gtg! BUT I love yall soo much! Thanks for all the letters from the family reunion and for the words of encouragement! If only I could tell yall how much it means to me! Yall are amazing! Keep up the great work!

Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi