Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey Yall!

Can you believe CHRISTMAS is here already! Like time is going by sooooo fast!

This week was super fun!  We did tons of service! We would heart attack, moon, or just leave goodies at peoples doors. Loved how we didnt get caught once! We also raked this lady's yard. I mean this lady was home both days we went and she never caught us! It was great! We got 35 bags full of pinestraw and leaves. Weird how we're raking yards and still wearing normal clothes and it's DECEMBER! 

The youth in the ward also did a talent show for a local retirement home and had the missionaries sing as well. It was awesome to see the smile on all of their faces, even if some of them couldnt hear a word we 

This week was so great! We ran into tons of our investigators and got tons of referrals from people. The Spanish Elders were actually in our area trying to find more spanish people to teach, and they found us a lady named Lavanda. We have seen her everyday for the last little bit, and man has she been through a lot! She's ready to rely on God now! She said it's time to switch her motives. She wanted to be baptized on Christmas, but she has to come to church a bit before she can get baptized, but she just cant wait to change her life around! Please pray for her!:)

We also were eating at Chipotle after our missionary meeting on wednesday and this old santa guy came up and thanked each of us for being missionaries and doing what we did. Said we were an inspiration for the world! Just made our day. Christmas miracles are all around! Remember to share and help others.

This week is the week of Christmas and Christmas Eve. Please take a second in your busy times to read the Story of Jesus. His birth is the reason for the season. He is all we have, He has given us the best gift, He is the love of the world, He is everything. Possibly watch "He is the Gift" on youtube. Best video ever!  

I love yall! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Sister Durtschi

Only in the south:)

This is for sure in the south:)

Our elders are better than yours!

Monday, December 14, 2015

8 Hour Car Ride

Hey Yall!

This last week was a new one for Sister Durtschi!

We went to Monroe Louisiana for zone conference this week. Elder Erich W. Kopischke from the 70 came and spoke to everyone. Since our mission is the largest geographical mission in the states they split the mission in half and gave 2 different zone conferences. So fun to see everyone and have some christmas fun! But it was in Monroe, which is a little more than 4 hours away from us. So we traveled the 2 hours to shreveport and then spent the night with Sister Maughan and Sister Mati, both amazing! and then traveled the rest of the way with them. And had to make the trip all the way back that night:) Just had a blast! Who knew we could go for an adventure on a mission:)

Wanna know another cool thing...We slept with the window OPEN for the last 2 nights! ITS DECEMBER PEEPS AND WE ARE NOT WEARING A COAT! this is so weird for this Idaho girl! Since it's still warm though we still have mosquito's. I guess you pick and choose, but people still think i have chicken pox because of all the bug bites! haha #SouthernProbs

We also are continuing our challenge of a random act of kindness each day. We heart attacked another member and guess what...WE DIDNT GET CAUGHT! which was a miracle because they were home and we were sooooo loud! All i know is the Lord always provides a way!:) 

On a more spiritual note, we were tracting this week and went into a sketchier area of Wake Village and just felt prompted to go down this street. Every single door we knocked on, people said no and didnt want anything we had to say. BUT the last door of the street a lady answers and lets us in before we even say anything. She goes on to say "Oh i saw Jesus on your name tag and we need Him!" We had a great lesson with em. They are now our most progressing investigators and we've only met with em for a week. BTW i should tell yall their ready for this? Michelle (mom), Shy'Erica (12 year old daughter), Camarious (11 Year old Son). Sweet right! #SouthernNames Keep them in your prayers please!

We also were in a little shop in the ghetto this week and as we went to pay the lady asked about our name tag (something about our name tags this week have made people happy) so we start talking to em. One of em was from IDAHO and has tons of Mormon friends. So we asked if we could come by and both of them said yes! We cant wait to see where this new adventure takes us:)

Just remember this week is the week before Christmas! Give as much service as humanly possible! Mosiah 2:17 "when ye are in the service of your fellow being ye are only in the service of your God" #DoItForJesus 

Love yall lots!

Sister Ashley Durtschi

My Brother is better than yours!

They just sooo cool!

Monday, December 7, 2015

12 Year Old Mormons

Hey Yall,

First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST MOTHER in the WORLD! Hope today is your favorite! (if any of you are around her today, please give her a hug for me) Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST FATHER in the WORLD! Hope Saturday is the greatest day ever! (do the same for my dad please)

This week was super fun! We went to the ward christmas party and went caroling around the church with a lot of the members. We also got to watch the Christmas devotional, which was cool because in some talks they were about New Zealand and man do I miss my brother! Was so happy with all this christmas cheer this week! Cant wait to continue this cheer for another 3 weeks:)

With December being a Christ centered month, Sister Frandsen and I decided that every day this month we would do a Random Act of Kindness. So we we're heart attacking the relief society president, we thought she wasnt home....but she was and she caught us! But it was fun, we gave her a little bit of happiness for the beginning of December. Since we got caught and their son was turning 9 on Friday, we went and decked their door with birthday wishes for him...AND we did NOT get caught that time!:) Service makes us sooo happy! I recommend trying it out more often!

We also were finishing up our 7 hours of tracting this week and man have we been low on meeting people lately. But we were on this one street and man was it just so awesome! We had tons of lessons and the spirit was just so strong! But in the middle of the awesomeness, we run into this guy on the phone. We give him the spill that were missionaries from the church. He says "uhh Im atheist girls, VERY ATHEIST!" and closes the screen door. We tell him to have a great day, but can still hear him talking to the other guy on the phone. He says "sorry 12 year old mormons are trying to sell me Jesus." We both turned and looked at each other and said..."I dont look 12!" Then sister Frandsen said "Well I do...but you can be my mom!" haha 

Another tracting experience this week! So since I'm not on the gulf coast any more and I got transferred to the very edge of the mission, its been a HUGE culture shock! Totally different from the coast! But I love it! So were out in the country...but not Idaho country(they still have stores and stuff around) ANYWAYS, were on this screet and we see a dog, well lots of dogs but this one was different. Then BAM! this isnt a dog...its a PIG! Like what! These peeps had a pig as there pet! It was so great!

I hope yall are having the greatest day/week ever!
Love yall!
Sister Durtschi
Last district:) Only Elder Mills left us #party

Roasting a marshmallow over a candle:) #missionstatus

The PIG!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rain Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Hey Yall! 

Can you believe another week has past? Time is flying! Specially with this holiday season! I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!

So this week was Thanksgiving and man oh man was it a blast! We went to family of 9 and they had their family over as well! We just had a blast! Plus ate a lot...oooops there goes my diet! We also had a turkey bowl that morning with a ton of the ward members! So much fun! 

This week we also found out transfers. Sister STAYING! We are both staying in Wake Village:) Everyone thought she was getting transferred but when the AP called and says were both staying she literally screamed and he said "I take that as a good thing?" "Yes sir, its a very good thing!" Then she just hung up on him. haha my companion is crazy!  She's also a CRAZY driver (idk what it is with me getting crazy drivers as companions???) So we got permission for me to start driving again:) Happy days:)

It also rained 5 out of the 7 days this that was kind of wet and cold! We were soaked all the time! Its given a huge flood and so now our week is full of service! helping people take out ruined walls and stuff because of all the rain. This is the season to be giving!

Also in other news, Shannon was baptized Saturday! Wahoo! She was so cute and had so many people there to support her! She is just the greatest! If anyone wants to meet the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, your welcome to! She would love the visit!:) hehe I would love the visit too! (but yall cant do that! sorry to ruin the dream!)  

Speaking of the spirit of Christmas, the church has put up a Christmas video all about the reason why we celebrate Christmas! Its so cool and I cant wait to share it with the world! So Ill start with you lovely friends of my email world! The link is I highly recommend watching it! Have I mentioned how much I just love Christmas! Hope yall have a fantastic week and enjoy this season!

Love Yall!

Sister Durtschi



Sister Marble and I:)