Monday, October 31, 2016

The Mannings!:)

Hey Yall!

"Just some housekeeping items" as President Olson would say...
For anyone wondering. I fly into Idaho Falls Nov 9th at 6pm. My homecoming talk will be given Nov 20th at 11am in Carey. Love to see yall there! 

So we had a party at the camp with the Ishees on Monday that was lots of fun. Played volleyball and hung out a little bit. I just love the Ishees! 

We went to a dinner appointment with a family that we have been working with, and they made mexican food. So they made like enchilada casserole in two different pans. One was oober spicy and one was they asked us what one we wanted, Andy says "i want hot" and of couse I say "i want mild with lots of sour cream please!" so then we sit down at the table to eat...and they got our plates mixed up, so I ATE THE HOT ONE! OH MY I WAS DYING! I dont eat spicy stuff...even those hot Cheetos are too hot for me! So i ate it like a champ and then Andy turns to me after we leave and said, man that thing wasnt even hot. I was like cuz you ate mine! It had sour cream all over that thing! haha we had a big laugh after that one! Then we went for round TWO with this family...and it happened AGAIN! I think next time ill just learn to bring a gallon of milk with me! 

Do yall remember a while back I sent out an email saying we found a CAMEL in MISSISSIPPI? well while i was without a voice, sister anderson tracted the same street AGAIN! (4th time in 3 transfers its been tracted) and the house with the camel answered! Yall this FAMILY(the Mannings) is the greatest thing ever! I've never taught anyone with so many questions and just wanting to learn soo much! They are amazing! They are big farmers and are taking us fishing in their catfish pond all day thursday and as they said "we'll talk bout Jesus feeding the 5,000 with fish and us eating fish and then talk bout mormons! I cant wait to be a mormon!" The Lord always prepares a way for His work! 

Saturday...I GOT MY TRUNKY PAPERS! for anyone that doesnt know what these are...its got your flight info and things your mission president needs for your final interview...IM NOT READY TO GO HOME! I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! (like baptize the nation!) haha but I cant wait to see yall either! 

Sunday we had the primary program and it was a flippin blast! 4 kids and chaos all around but we made it work! We finished the program with bout 15 minutes left and so sister Balch the primary president said "im putting sister durtschi on the spot, but since next week is fast and testimony we wont get to hear from her, so we're gonna let her say a quick farewell talk....OH MAN THE TEARS STARTED FLOWING...and yall i DONT cry! So that was torture because I looked up and everyone was crying and man this is going to be a rough week of goodbyes! I also had to teach Gospel Doctrine thats a great class...but idk why they have a 20 year old girl teaching it when they have lots of "older" people with more experience! Oh well it went well! 

Yall I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is Gods work, this is His glory, and He loves us! He can do ALL things! He is our friend, family, EVERYTHING! Always remember that when you having a hard time, let God know! He cares! I know God is ever mindful of us and our circumstances and want to help! He is in charge of our lives, we strive to do it ourselves as the natural man does, but this is Gods plan! He gives us the choice to choose and He helps us in that choosing process. Man I cant talk enough about God and His love for us! Just keep that in mind this week as we come to understand Him more! 

I love yall! See ya soon!
Sister Durtschi

Monday, October 24, 2016


Hey Yall!

Fall is here! FINALLY! I love the fall weather! It makes everything here look sooo pretty! Kinda like Idaho...but not as cold! Its still in the 80's here! Im in heaven! Except for at nights...its getting cold and it makes it harder to get up when its cold! 

Monday we went and washed the McLain's car! then they fed us pizza! Man do I love the southerners! They know how to eat and keep eating! 

Tuesday we had exchanges and DM because the zonies wanted to come to our I got to be with the wonderful amazing Sister GOLDER again! I love her! Had a blast from the past! We stayed up forever and a day talking about life! I love her...if ya cant tell! We also had an awesome time at the Ishee's! I love them too!

Wednesday we swapped back, we had a lovely trip to Oak Grove to swap. Then we came home and had dinner at the Balch's and then Branch Council. I love all my family out here! I wish i could pack them all up and bring them home so yall could meet them all! They are the hoots to life! 

Thursday was BUSY! but I had the most spiritual experience that happened in my entire mission! While i was sick last week my comp and a member went out and tracted this street. Well they ran into someone and shared a scripture and got a return appointment, well we had to move things around and well...he ended up passing away on Friday and we went over there, not know that it was him that everyone in town was talking about. She opened right up and told us she was so sad and trying to stay busy...YALL what do you say to help someone you just met that lost their best friend...(ask the missionaries, and luckily i'm one!) YOU say God loves us soooo much that He gave us a way to see our loved ones again. She loved it, and felt so much at peace and as we finished the lesson, she asked me to say the prayer...most sincere prayer I have ever said in my life! I loved this lady and I didnt even know her! I think thats how Christ and Heavenly Father feel about us! Cept for the fact that they already know us. So much to learn from in all of our experiences of life!

Friday was weekly planning, so a pretty boring day, but i did get a call from SISTER MAUGHAN! She called to just wish me a happy 18 month mark! I love this girl! I sure will miss all my friends out here!

Saturday...EIGHTEEN MONTHS of being a missionary! WHAT! I never thought this day would come! Its kind of bitter sweet actually! But it all works out in the long run. We had a branch activity which consisted of Gumbo, and more GUMBO, and did I mention GUMBO!  Yall i went a whole 18 months and had never had GUMBO! Its the bestest thing on the planet! Its kinda like a soup that you put over rice, with lots of delicious scrumptious things in it! But the activity was lots of fun and was a great way to spend time with a lot of the people there.

Sunday, well we dont have many people that come to church, which means we help out a lot. We dont have anyone to play piano or lead music. Well we have a less active that LOVES to play the piano so we have been working hard to get him to come play! He's come a few weeks now and is helping us in our primary program next week! So excited cuz he came back for 1 and 2. that we wont have a primary program with the computer blasting the songs. Other than that not much happened sunday tho.

So I gave yall pretty much what happened in my week...but the funny stories for the week come from right outside our house! When I was on exchanges and talking on the phone to Sister Maughan. Both times I was on the phone with my favorites and man oh man funniest thing. When I was on exchanges we had a GIANT possum that was fixin to walk across the road when suddenly this 18 wheeler comes cruisin by and squashed it! ahhhh we both were screamin in the car while we were just parked outside our house talking to the zl's. Then when i was on the phone with sister maughan and this cat start walking across the road and boom this car comes out of no where! GAHH idk what it is with road kill, but apparently they like getting squashed when i'm outside talking on the phone! 

Sorry this email is all over the place but this week has been crazy and I guess my mind is still on crazy mode! But I LOVE YALL! and cant wait to see yall soon! 

Sister Durtschi

Monday, October 17, 2016

Laryngitis = Not A Missionary

Hey yall!

Man oh man has this been a crazy week! So Monday was pretty lame, had to get a Book of Mormon back and I kept saying like "are you sure you want us to take this? Its got so many things in it that will change your life!" "yes, lady, I DONT WANT IT NEAR ME!" so that was a rough one, but then this week got even better. 

Tuesday I woke up with a really really bad sore throat, but I wasnt missing out on my LAST zone meeting so we went, also we had to go cause our district was singing (which sounded horrible cuz yall know I dont sing...and well...yeah it wasnt to good...but everyone is just nice and says its sounds good) So I got to see a lot of friends and have some fun with them all before I leave the MJM. We had a really REALLY good sermon by Elder Vest about giving our whole 5 loaves of bread, because then the Lord can feed 5,000 with it! Gah it was soo good! "Why are you in that area, instead of Jesus Christ? He's WAY better than you are! So why are you there? Jesus Christ can do anything, so why does He keep you there?" Just some food for thought!

Wednesday I woke up and my voice was sooo bad! No one would even want to be around us cuz i sounded so bad. So we sat around and made cookies and studied. 

Thursday we went on splits because I still sounded like crap. So I spent the day with the Ishees, and Sister Anderson went to be with Sister B. Legit spent from 7:00 am to 9:00pm with these people. Sister Anderson is a brave soul as Sister B. is 84 and is losing her mind, but they tracted for EIGHT HOURS in one day! Yall thats insane! So they had a party while I partied at the Ishees.

Friday...MY VOICE WAS GONE! nothing, nada, zilch, Luckily its weekly planning day so we spend most of it inside anyways. but still IM A MISSIONARY! WE USE OUR VOICES TO CRY REPENTANCE! so I was sad, but the mission nurse called and idk how she even knew, but said i had LARYNGITIS and Im not allowed to speak for a couple that was a fun party. We also had some ALASKA Missionaries call us because a part member family just moved here that we've been teaching and they called to check up on them, that was cool! 

Saturday we went on splits again because well i still sounded like crap. Sister Anderson went out with Judy and Punk and saw some less actives, while I died with Sister Balch who was sick as well. 

Sunday, we went to church and I still sounded bad so everyone would run and hide from me. We went tracting and helped the Prices moved all this furniture stuff out of a Uhaul. 

Today....still have no voice but luckily its pday and yall dont need to hear me:) haha but I did want to tell yall something...LEAD BY EXAMPLE! Sometimes you dont get to tell everyone what you believe and what church youre from and everything else...but one thing i do know is that if you lead by example and are always wanting to help and be nice...people like talking to you and like being around you! ONE DAY they may ask what you believe, but till then, be an example! I know yall do this as EACH ONE OF YOU is an example to me! I look up to yall sooo much! Keep being that AMAZING example! 

LOVE YALL! See ya in 3 weeks!
Sister Durtschi



My Plan = TRUNKY

Hey yall!

So i'm having to do a thing called My Plan...which pretty much just makes you trunky your last 6 weeks. It prepares ya for going home and what your goals and aspirations are....well yall.... GGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..Thats all i have to say bout it, because well i have no clue! When yall think of anything to do with Sister Durtschi, if you could let me know, i would deeply appreciate it...because I dont know what I'm going to do with my life!

Sister Anderson and I have been rippin and runnin all over the place! Monday was pretty lame as for pday we did NOTHING...aka slept for 4 hours (missionary dream!) but was sad, cause i want to turn up these last 5 weeks. so today were going to a cotton field! (just like in greenville....but not in greenville)

We had district meeting on wednesday where we spent most of the time practicing a song that we have to sing for ztm. Then we talked about what we learned from conference and what we've been studying. That was a fun DM. Then had to go to Firestone for our car AGAIN! cuz yall our car is a mess! So we spent a couple hours there. Then came to a members house to eat dinner with our investigator. but the gator didnt show. So we had a good dinner and testimony meeting of the restoration. 

Thursday we had interviews with President Olson and area book interviews with Sister Olson! My oh my was it weird having my last normal interview with him, before my final interview! Its sad to think that things are almost over! I DONT WANT IT TO END! President pretty much just gave me a SISTER DURTSCHI PEP TALK to finish 

Yall I cant tell you enough what it means to feel the spirit. Not just the missionary spirit (because you do feel it different as a missionary) but the Holy Ghost in general. We get promptings all the time! We get thoughts in our heads, feelings in our hearts, things to do or not do. We are always being watched out for! Think about this for a second....out of all the people on the planet, He is watching out for YOU! YOU as an individual! YOU as a son or daughter of God! He wants the best for YOU!  So He sends you some awesome help! Follow that help! 

LOVE YALL! See ya in a MONTH!
Sister Durtschi

Gotta love friends on the mission:)

This thing tried eating me!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

New Comp, New Transfer

Hey Yall!

So Sister Hope headed to Monroe, and I got SISTER ANDERSON! which is crazy because she was just in Wake Village with Sister Scott! So we had a lot in common from the get go! Its been oober fun! 

Sand Hill is going places yall! aka everyone is moving out because there is nothing here...but we still have lots of doors to knock on! So please pray we'll find someone to teach in all the door knocking! 

General Conference was AMAZING! lots on missionary work and repentance! Who woulda thunk! A missionary does both those lots to relate to on my end. I hope yall enjoyed it and got some answers to some questions yall had tho! 

Sorry this is short, but got to run! I love yall lots and hope you know how amazing it is to hear from a prophet and his apostles on the earth today! Study the words they shared with us lots! They will help you in your everyday lives!

Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi

Sister Maughan at the Camp

Miller, Maughan, and I at Tpoint

Bonfire in Mississippi in SEPTEMBER #unheardof