Monday, October 17, 2016

Laryngitis = Not A Missionary

Hey yall!

Man oh man has this been a crazy week! So Monday was pretty lame, had to get a Book of Mormon back and I kept saying like "are you sure you want us to take this? Its got so many things in it that will change your life!" "yes, lady, I DONT WANT IT NEAR ME!" so that was a rough one, but then this week got even better. 

Tuesday I woke up with a really really bad sore throat, but I wasnt missing out on my LAST zone meeting so we went, also we had to go cause our district was singing (which sounded horrible cuz yall know I dont sing...and well...yeah it wasnt to good...but everyone is just nice and says its sounds good) So I got to see a lot of friends and have some fun with them all before I leave the MJM. We had a really REALLY good sermon by Elder Vest about giving our whole 5 loaves of bread, because then the Lord can feed 5,000 with it! Gah it was soo good! "Why are you in that area, instead of Jesus Christ? He's WAY better than you are! So why are you there? Jesus Christ can do anything, so why does He keep you there?" Just some food for thought!

Wednesday I woke up and my voice was sooo bad! No one would even want to be around us cuz i sounded so bad. So we sat around and made cookies and studied. 

Thursday we went on splits because I still sounded like crap. So I spent the day with the Ishees, and Sister Anderson went to be with Sister B. Legit spent from 7:00 am to 9:00pm with these people. Sister Anderson is a brave soul as Sister B. is 84 and is losing her mind, but they tracted for EIGHT HOURS in one day! Yall thats insane! So they had a party while I partied at the Ishees.

Friday...MY VOICE WAS GONE! nothing, nada, zilch, Luckily its weekly planning day so we spend most of it inside anyways. but still IM A MISSIONARY! WE USE OUR VOICES TO CRY REPENTANCE! so I was sad, but the mission nurse called and idk how she even knew, but said i had LARYNGITIS and Im not allowed to speak for a couple that was a fun party. We also had some ALASKA Missionaries call us because a part member family just moved here that we've been teaching and they called to check up on them, that was cool! 

Saturday we went on splits again because well i still sounded like crap. Sister Anderson went out with Judy and Punk and saw some less actives, while I died with Sister Balch who was sick as well. 

Sunday, we went to church and I still sounded bad so everyone would run and hide from me. We went tracting and helped the Prices moved all this furniture stuff out of a Uhaul. 

Today....still have no voice but luckily its pday and yall dont need to hear me:) haha but I did want to tell yall something...LEAD BY EXAMPLE! Sometimes you dont get to tell everyone what you believe and what church youre from and everything else...but one thing i do know is that if you lead by example and are always wanting to help and be nice...people like talking to you and like being around you! ONE DAY they may ask what you believe, but till then, be an example! I know yall do this as EACH ONE OF YOU is an example to me! I look up to yall sooo much! Keep being that AMAZING example! 

LOVE YALL! See ya in 3 weeks!
Sister Durtschi



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