Monday, October 31, 2016

The Mannings!:)

Hey Yall!

"Just some housekeeping items" as President Olson would say...
For anyone wondering. I fly into Idaho Falls Nov 9th at 6pm. My homecoming talk will be given Nov 20th at 11am in Carey. Love to see yall there! 

So we had a party at the camp with the Ishees on Monday that was lots of fun. Played volleyball and hung out a little bit. I just love the Ishees! 

We went to a dinner appointment with a family that we have been working with, and they made mexican food. So they made like enchilada casserole in two different pans. One was oober spicy and one was they asked us what one we wanted, Andy says "i want hot" and of couse I say "i want mild with lots of sour cream please!" so then we sit down at the table to eat...and they got our plates mixed up, so I ATE THE HOT ONE! OH MY I WAS DYING! I dont eat spicy stuff...even those hot Cheetos are too hot for me! So i ate it like a champ and then Andy turns to me after we leave and said, man that thing wasnt even hot. I was like cuz you ate mine! It had sour cream all over that thing! haha we had a big laugh after that one! Then we went for round TWO with this family...and it happened AGAIN! I think next time ill just learn to bring a gallon of milk with me! 

Do yall remember a while back I sent out an email saying we found a CAMEL in MISSISSIPPI? well while i was without a voice, sister anderson tracted the same street AGAIN! (4th time in 3 transfers its been tracted) and the house with the camel answered! Yall this FAMILY(the Mannings) is the greatest thing ever! I've never taught anyone with so many questions and just wanting to learn soo much! They are amazing! They are big farmers and are taking us fishing in their catfish pond all day thursday and as they said "we'll talk bout Jesus feeding the 5,000 with fish and us eating fish and then talk bout mormons! I cant wait to be a mormon!" The Lord always prepares a way for His work! 

Saturday...I GOT MY TRUNKY PAPERS! for anyone that doesnt know what these are...its got your flight info and things your mission president needs for your final interview...IM NOT READY TO GO HOME! I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! (like baptize the nation!) haha but I cant wait to see yall either! 

Sunday we had the primary program and it was a flippin blast! 4 kids and chaos all around but we made it work! We finished the program with bout 15 minutes left and so sister Balch the primary president said "im putting sister durtschi on the spot, but since next week is fast and testimony we wont get to hear from her, so we're gonna let her say a quick farewell talk....OH MAN THE TEARS STARTED FLOWING...and yall i DONT cry! So that was torture because I looked up and everyone was crying and man this is going to be a rough week of goodbyes! I also had to teach Gospel Doctrine thats a great class...but idk why they have a 20 year old girl teaching it when they have lots of "older" people with more experience! Oh well it went well! 

Yall I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is Gods work, this is His glory, and He loves us! He can do ALL things! He is our friend, family, EVERYTHING! Always remember that when you having a hard time, let God know! He cares! I know God is ever mindful of us and our circumstances and want to help! He is in charge of our lives, we strive to do it ourselves as the natural man does, but this is Gods plan! He gives us the choice to choose and He helps us in that choosing process. Man I cant talk enough about God and His love for us! Just keep that in mind this week as we come to understand Him more! 

I love yall! See ya soon!
Sister Durtschi

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