Monday, October 17, 2016

My Plan = TRUNKY

Hey yall!

So i'm having to do a thing called My Plan...which pretty much just makes you trunky your last 6 weeks. It prepares ya for going home and what your goals and aspirations are....well yall.... GGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..Thats all i have to say bout it, because well i have no clue! When yall think of anything to do with Sister Durtschi, if you could let me know, i would deeply appreciate it...because I dont know what I'm going to do with my life!

Sister Anderson and I have been rippin and runnin all over the place! Monday was pretty lame as for pday we did NOTHING...aka slept for 4 hours (missionary dream!) but was sad, cause i want to turn up these last 5 weeks. so today were going to a cotton field! (just like in greenville....but not in greenville)

We had district meeting on wednesday where we spent most of the time practicing a song that we have to sing for ztm. Then we talked about what we learned from conference and what we've been studying. That was a fun DM. Then had to go to Firestone for our car AGAIN! cuz yall our car is a mess! So we spent a couple hours there. Then came to a members house to eat dinner with our investigator. but the gator didnt show. So we had a good dinner and testimony meeting of the restoration. 

Thursday we had interviews with President Olson and area book interviews with Sister Olson! My oh my was it weird having my last normal interview with him, before my final interview! Its sad to think that things are almost over! I DONT WANT IT TO END! President pretty much just gave me a SISTER DURTSCHI PEP TALK to finish 

Yall I cant tell you enough what it means to feel the spirit. Not just the missionary spirit (because you do feel it different as a missionary) but the Holy Ghost in general. We get promptings all the time! We get thoughts in our heads, feelings in our hearts, things to do or not do. We are always being watched out for! Think about this for a second....out of all the people on the planet, He is watching out for YOU! YOU as an individual! YOU as a son or daughter of God! He wants the best for YOU!  So He sends you some awesome help! Follow that help! 

LOVE YALL! See ya in a MONTH!
Sister Durtschi

Gotta love friends on the mission:)

This thing tried eating me!!!!

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