Monday, July 25, 2016


Hey Yall!

Not a lot happened this week...still cant not many good stories. SORRY! (all the good ones come from there, but oh well) ACTUALLY something huge happened! Our Branch has had very little hope in helping some of our inactives come to church, specially CLYNT! he's 17, 6'5", and 295 lbs! He actually reminds me a lot of Alex, so i guess thats why i get along with him so well (which is sad because Alex and I fought a lot! But i still love him(; ) ANYWAYS...HE CAME TO CHURCH! After 5 years of not coming, all it took was us buying him a white shirt for him to come back! Should of done that 5 years ago! 

Elder Hill gave a great sermon in dm wednesday about inviting people to baptism and how we all are to pushy and how there is a better way. Was really good and we've seen a lot of success come from it as we have applied it to some of our investigators. 

The best thing ever happened this week (other than Clynt) is that we've been talking A LOT about miracles and all the things that have happened in 3 weeks, well we decided to have ALL the members start doing a miracle log. I read this talk ( ) last week in personal study and we decided to share it with them. So our branch mission leader is actually dating a sister from my mission and they are almost engaged. Well Elder Oaks is going to be doing their sealing in Salt Lake. So as we were talking about that sister scott goes "speak of the devil," and then makes this uh oh face and then we all crack up. SHE JUST CALLED ELDER OAKS THE DEVIL! We then told the members that when they are at the wedding they will just think of Scott calling him the devil. OOOPS

ANYWAYS! i know i've had yall do the miracle log before but after reading that it again! There is just so many cool things that happen around us that we need to recognize more in our lives! Yall got this! Send me some of the miracles that happen! 

Now the subject line is because sister scott thinks this is really funny actually. She is 6 weeks (a transfer) behind me in the mission. She is also 6 weeks younger than me in real life. So she keeps saying we'll you'll do it 6 weeks before me, or you'll die (in real life) 6 weeks before me so then i'll know when I die. She is actually kind of a punk when it comes to SIX WEEKS of a difference:) But i love her. 

Oh ALSO met the Ishee's in the Petal ward this week! I absolutly love them! They are so much fun! If yall havent met them...sorry! yall are missing out! 

I love yall lots and hope yall are making the most out of your day!
Sister Durtschi

this is us...normally

and public:)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sand Hill has a....PETTING ZOO!

Hey Yall!

Oh my! Where do I even start! This week was chaos...but not as bad as last week! (you'll have to look at the blog for that one if ya didnt read it! its one for the books) We still have the crazy investigator that doesnt say anything but "sister durtschi this...." or "idaho this...". This week his hitting on me was a bit extreme, the more we go over the creepier this guy gets. He said "Miss Idaho, when you get home, you better look me up! If you dont, Ill find you!" I've been thinking bout dropping him...we'll find out. :p (prayers will be needed in teaching this guy)

We still arent allowed to tract, so we were trying the best we could to fill our time. Which turned out ok...because we were swamped! So many people to see, so its really ok that we legally cant tract:) The hot sun and door slamming in our face is always a great motivation but i guess we'll find other ways to work:)

We had interviews with President this week. Well on the way there our car had some being that we dragged some of our undercarriage by the front wheel all the way to Hattiesburg because we didnt have anything to cut the plastic off. Our fleet coordinator said to just keep driving (because we live in the middle of no where). So to not hear the car getting ruined we turned up our BYU Vocal Point and sang over the noise. We spent the rest of the day with Bro Tisdale from the Petal Ward fixing our car:) 

We had ZTM this week too which was good:) got to see lots of old friend! oh and talk about how to be better missionaries:) 

We also went out to Sand Hill Saturday and we were looking for a members house, but ended up at... A PETTING ZOO! an investigator had told us about the house, but never told us where it was...but we found it! They have a camel and kangaroo! IN MISSISSIPPI! But no one was we kinda looked around and felt bad cuz we were trespassing, so we left, but yall a CAMEL! was insane! 

So this week yall lets work on flooding the earth (or friends of sister durtschi's friends and family) with happiness and laughter! Yall have to send a joke or a nice letter to someone in the mail! Ok? Yes an ACTUAL hand written letter! Why? Well because who doesnt love mail? I know i do! So yall do this and you will be blessed because your showing others you care and that makes Heavenly Father happy! So He will bless you! What more do you want? 

I love yall lots! Make this week great! Miss ya!
Sister Durtschi

Elder Rawi and Pederson!

Elder Price

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Promise Land!

Hey Yall!
So first off...CELESTIAL EMAILING! Thats what im doing right now! So SAND HILL is like no other area! I know i said that bout Greenville, but dang this place is weird! So the Library is closed on Monday's so we have permission to email at a members house (the price's) and they are at work so they just let us come in and use their devices and raid their kitchen and we just sit in our pj's and email and eat food and yeah! Im gonna love this place!:) 

Also another reason to love Sand Hill...we live in a HOUSE! (yes it has the biggest cockroaches and bugs but its a house!) Not an apartment a house! I love it! Its an older house so we dont get to use the AC much cuz its pricey to run, which sucks, but peeps WE LIVE IN A HOUSE! makes me happy!:) (i know the weirdest things make sister durtschi happy)

So yep i left Greenville to come to another even smaller town Sand Hill, I think it's smaller than Carey! But we live and work mainly in Richton (the area is called Sand Hill tho) and its a bit bigger than Carey:) MY FIRST BRANCH! i love them! We are tiny...and pretty old...but these guys are FUNNY! Think im going to lose all this southern weight by laughing it off (cuz lets be real no one exercises!) 

So this week has been the craziest week of my entire life! We went to see one of the investigators, Jade, and he's nuts! We got out of the car and he was outside waiting for us, i go over and introduce myself and the first thing he says is "you have the most beautiful face i've ever seen!" HELP ME! then the entire time he was talking bout how im gonna get home from my mission and marry someone from the south. Then he said he planned on moving to idaho in October, i was trying so hard not to laugh. Then he sang us this song and talked all about how pretty i was and how i was the one. Then sang ANOTHER song about Idaho. oh my! Sooo funny! any who he is oober creepy! Pray for me yall!

Also we've had a dilemma going on in Richton. A police man stopped Sister Scott and the past sister while tracting and told em it was illegal to tract in this town. Sister Winkel (my trainer) had served here and told me about this problem too. Luckily my mission president is a lawyer and can fix anything, so were in the process of fighting for tracting. But were trying to find new ways to find people other than tracting, think of some and send em my way if you wouldnt mind? Always in need of help! 

So many crazy things happened this week, but ill save yalls time and energy in reading Sister Durtschi's crazy life stories!:) Yall i just love this work sooo much! Please remember I need lots of help and prayers but i will be praying for yall too! Smile and make today great!
Love yall,
Sister Durtschi

Quote of the week: 
Sister Scott and I in companionship study this morning
"Did you just say abortion?" Sister Scott
"No, i said temple worship!" Sister Durtschi
Two total opposites but super funny times:)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Where the heck is Sand Hill?

Hey Yall!

Well folks just thought i'd let ya know where i ended up...SAND HILL! Whats really funny is I thought i was going to open this area when i left my first area, but i didnt and i am! Probably going to be my last area! So weird! #4months

Well since im in a new place with new people and no one really knows is the time to hide the crazy side of me right? Dont want to let EVERYONE in on my secret of being CRAZY! just kidding but i would love a letter from yall! Make me feel more at home in a new foreign land...even tho its not foreign...but whatevs you get my drift:) I love yall lots and cant wait to tell yall all about Sand Hill:)

Love Yall! 
Sister Durtschi

Monday, July 4, 2016

Here comes transfer #11...WEIRD!

Hey Yall!

Shout out to SISTER OLSEN (my mtc comp) she engaged to ELDER HOMER! So happy for them! Congrats!

Well this week was crazy! Like kinda slow...but not really because we had the car and so we were a little fast than walking:) We had an amazing week!  Saw Debbie and helped her clean again. Saw some cool people tracting and AI'ing too, we'll see how things progress with them in the coming weeks. We also went to Arkansas this week to see some less actives with sister Solomon. It is soo pretty over there! Love the Delta! 

Elder Shreenan's birthday was this week so we had a birthday party at the Turley's this week for him. This week was fun as we had a nerf war for pday too:) 

Brooklyne Morrill came out with us to go less active hunting! We had so much fun! Love the Greenville ward sooo much! 

Also the quote of the week...from the Turley's. Brother Turley just got his DNA test back and he found out he's 2% Jewish. Well he kept telling us "I'm 2% Jewish." So we had to joke with him:)
Bro Turley: "Do ya know the percentage of funny Jewish people?"
Me: "2%"
Sister Turley: "that was a good one!"
I LOVE the Turley's!:)

Guess what...I LOVE ALL YALL! thats my spiritual thought for the week!:) Yall are the BESTEST, MOST AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME sons and daughters of God! Miss yall lots! Love yall more tho!

Well transfers are tomorrow...and I'm getting TRANSFERRED! I wont know till tomorrow where I'm going, but ill email yall and let you know where tomorrow! Hope yall have an amazing 4th of July and be safe!

Sister Durtschi

Love this girl! Had such a fun time remember old middle school high fives.

thanks dad:)

Love these girls!