Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey Yall!

Can you believe CHRISTMAS is here already! Like time is going by sooooo fast!

This week was super fun!  We did tons of service! We would heart attack, moon, or just leave goodies at peoples doors. Loved how we didnt get caught once! We also raked this lady's yard. I mean this lady was home both days we went and she never caught us! It was great! We got 35 bags full of pinestraw and leaves. Weird how we're raking yards and still wearing normal clothes and it's DECEMBER! 

The youth in the ward also did a talent show for a local retirement home and had the missionaries sing as well. It was awesome to see the smile on all of their faces, even if some of them couldnt hear a word we 

This week was so great! We ran into tons of our investigators and got tons of referrals from people. The Spanish Elders were actually in our area trying to find more spanish people to teach, and they found us a lady named Lavanda. We have seen her everyday for the last little bit, and man has she been through a lot! She's ready to rely on God now! She said it's time to switch her motives. She wanted to be baptized on Christmas, but she has to come to church a bit before she can get baptized, but she just cant wait to change her life around! Please pray for her!:)

We also were eating at Chipotle after our missionary meeting on wednesday and this old santa guy came up and thanked each of us for being missionaries and doing what we did. Said we were an inspiration for the world! Just made our day. Christmas miracles are all around! Remember to share and help others.

This week is the week of Christmas and Christmas Eve. Please take a second in your busy times to read the Story of Jesus. His birth is the reason for the season. He is all we have, He has given us the best gift, He is the love of the world, He is everything. Possibly watch "He is the Gift" on youtube. Best video ever!  

I love yall! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Sister Durtschi

Only in the south:)

This is for sure in the south:)

Our elders are better than yours!

Monday, December 14, 2015

8 Hour Car Ride

Hey Yall!

This last week was a new one for Sister Durtschi!

We went to Monroe Louisiana for zone conference this week. Elder Erich W. Kopischke from the 70 came and spoke to everyone. Since our mission is the largest geographical mission in the states they split the mission in half and gave 2 different zone conferences. So fun to see everyone and have some christmas fun! But it was in Monroe, which is a little more than 4 hours away from us. So we traveled the 2 hours to shreveport and then spent the night with Sister Maughan and Sister Mati, both amazing! and then traveled the rest of the way with them. And had to make the trip all the way back that night:) Just had a blast! Who knew we could go for an adventure on a mission:)

Wanna know another cool thing...We slept with the window OPEN for the last 2 nights! ITS DECEMBER PEEPS AND WE ARE NOT WEARING A COAT! this is so weird for this Idaho girl! Since it's still warm though we still have mosquito's. I guess you pick and choose, but people still think i have chicken pox because of all the bug bites! haha #SouthernProbs

We also are continuing our challenge of a random act of kindness each day. We heart attacked another member and guess what...WE DIDNT GET CAUGHT! which was a miracle because they were home and we were sooooo loud! All i know is the Lord always provides a way!:) 

On a more spiritual note, we were tracting this week and went into a sketchier area of Wake Village and just felt prompted to go down this street. Every single door we knocked on, people said no and didnt want anything we had to say. BUT the last door of the street a lady answers and lets us in before we even say anything. She goes on to say "Oh i saw Jesus on your name tag and we need Him!" We had a great lesson with em. They are now our most progressing investigators and we've only met with em for a week. BTW i should tell yall their ready for this? Michelle (mom), Shy'Erica (12 year old daughter), Camarious (11 Year old Son). Sweet right! #SouthernNames Keep them in your prayers please!

We also were in a little shop in the ghetto this week and as we went to pay the lady asked about our name tag (something about our name tags this week have made people happy) so we start talking to em. One of em was from IDAHO and has tons of Mormon friends. So we asked if we could come by and both of them said yes! We cant wait to see where this new adventure takes us:)

Just remember this week is the week before Christmas! Give as much service as humanly possible! Mosiah 2:17 "when ye are in the service of your fellow being ye are only in the service of your God" #DoItForJesus 

Love yall lots!

Sister Ashley Durtschi

My Brother is better than yours!

They just sooo cool!

Monday, December 7, 2015

12 Year Old Mormons

Hey Yall,

First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST MOTHER in the WORLD! Hope today is your favorite! (if any of you are around her today, please give her a hug for me) Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST FATHER in the WORLD! Hope Saturday is the greatest day ever! (do the same for my dad please)

This week was super fun! We went to the ward christmas party and went caroling around the church with a lot of the members. We also got to watch the Christmas devotional, which was cool because in some talks they were about New Zealand and man do I miss my brother! Was so happy with all this christmas cheer this week! Cant wait to continue this cheer for another 3 weeks:)

With December being a Christ centered month, Sister Frandsen and I decided that every day this month we would do a Random Act of Kindness. So we we're heart attacking the relief society president, we thought she wasnt home....but she was and she caught us! But it was fun, we gave her a little bit of happiness for the beginning of December. Since we got caught and their son was turning 9 on Friday, we went and decked their door with birthday wishes for him...AND we did NOT get caught that time!:) Service makes us sooo happy! I recommend trying it out more often!

We also were finishing up our 7 hours of tracting this week and man have we been low on meeting people lately. But we were on this one street and man was it just so awesome! We had tons of lessons and the spirit was just so strong! But in the middle of the awesomeness, we run into this guy on the phone. We give him the spill that were missionaries from the church. He says "uhh Im atheist girls, VERY ATHEIST!" and closes the screen door. We tell him to have a great day, but can still hear him talking to the other guy on the phone. He says "sorry 12 year old mormons are trying to sell me Jesus." We both turned and looked at each other and said..."I dont look 12!" Then sister Frandsen said "Well I do...but you can be my mom!" haha 

Another tracting experience this week! So since I'm not on the gulf coast any more and I got transferred to the very edge of the mission, its been a HUGE culture shock! Totally different from the coast! But I love it! So were out in the country...but not Idaho country(they still have stores and stuff around) ANYWAYS, were on this screet and we see a dog, well lots of dogs but this one was different. Then BAM! this isnt a dog...its a PIG! Like what! These peeps had a pig as there pet! It was so great!

I hope yall are having the greatest day/week ever!
Love yall!
Sister Durtschi
Last district:) Only Elder Mills left us #party

Roasting a marshmallow over a candle:) #missionstatus

The PIG!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rain Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Hey Yall! 

Can you believe another week has past? Time is flying! Specially with this holiday season! I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!

So this week was Thanksgiving and man oh man was it a blast! We went to family of 9 and they had their family over as well! We just had a blast! Plus ate a lot...oooops there goes my diet! We also had a turkey bowl that morning with a ton of the ward members! So much fun! 

This week we also found out transfers. Sister STAYING! We are both staying in Wake Village:) Everyone thought she was getting transferred but when the AP called and says were both staying she literally screamed and he said "I take that as a good thing?" "Yes sir, its a very good thing!" Then she just hung up on him. haha my companion is crazy!  She's also a CRAZY driver (idk what it is with me getting crazy drivers as companions???) So we got permission for me to start driving again:) Happy days:)

It also rained 5 out of the 7 days this that was kind of wet and cold! We were soaked all the time! Its given a huge flood and so now our week is full of service! helping people take out ruined walls and stuff because of all the rain. This is the season to be giving!

Also in other news, Shannon was baptized Saturday! Wahoo! She was so cute and had so many people there to support her! She is just the greatest! If anyone wants to meet the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, your welcome to! She would love the visit!:) hehe I would love the visit too! (but yall cant do that! sorry to ruin the dream!)  

Speaking of the spirit of Christmas, the church has put up a Christmas video all about the reason why we celebrate Christmas! Its so cool and I cant wait to share it with the world! So Ill start with you lovely friends of my email world! The link is I highly recommend watching it! Have I mentioned how much I just love Christmas! Hope yall have a fantastic week and enjoy this season!

Love Yall!

Sister Durtschi



Sister Marble and I:)

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey Yall!

What a week! Well it was crazy everything that happened but it was super fun! We had SUPER bad weather the first part of this week that President called and said we had to stay in. It flooded a lot of peoples apartments and so this week has been full of service! We also were on tornado watch like everyday this week! So its been FREEEZING! we had FROST on our window Sunday! Like never thought this would happen in the south! Its a different cold from the west because of the humidity, which to me makes it colder than the west!

Well this week has been sooo good! We got to meet so many cool people that are super excited about the gospel! One in particular is so strong! Amanda is 33 and has an autistic son, she tries all she can to raise him, but he doesnt speak. Like no words! Not even mom or dad. So she works with him 24/7. Anyways she was wondering why she got baptized into the catholic church one day and we ended up on her porch later that evening. Long story short she's working towards a baptismal date of Dec 12th! She's the one to pray for this week! Thanks!

Tracting this week was even better! So its been freezing, but hey thats not gonna stop two girls in skirts and 18 layers of shirts! So we go to see the country side of our area one day and the first door we get to, the guy is already waiting for us. He has the door open and everything. He tells us "yall must be out of your mormon minds!" We both look at each other and smile (we didnt know he could see how crazy we were from there! Guess everyone can tell we are) and say how are you today sir? He says "get your effing mormon butts off my property!" We smile and say "ok sir, you have a great day and happy thanksgiving!" we walk down the road just a bit and normally people like this make us just want to leave and go somewhere else. BUT for some reason we just started laughing and realized we hadnt said a prayer first. So we said a prayer, then kept going! We ran into so many nice people. We walk down this path to this little shak and we were a little nervous about it but then we saw the two guys and we couldnt back down now. So we talk to them. They both were a little drunk but they just made the reason why we kept going on that crazy mans street. Miracles happen everywhere!

Well transfers are next week so I wont be emailing on Monday, but I hope everyone has a great THANKSGIVING and eats tons of food! Enjoy all the family and friendships you have around you during these holiday seasons! They are what really matter! I love all yall! 


Sister Durtschi
Turkey Bowl! 

Sister Conder and I

Monday, November 16, 2015

Just Laugh

Hey Yall!

This week has been such a blessing! We have seen Shanika almost everyday and man is she sooo ready for her life to change! She needs so much happiness and joy to overcome all the sadness in her life. She will get there, just need time and prayers sent her way. 

We went on exchanges with the Shreveport STL's this week as well. Since we live 2 hours from Shreveport we double work our area. I had the opportunity to be with the glorious Sister Kendall. She is a beast missionary and works super hard! We had so many lessons that day! Have I ever told yall how much I love being a missionary? If I have oh well, here I go again! Man do I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I get to meet so many people and just see/hear all about life and how we can bring a smile to a frown. I just love being a missionary!

We also are sharing an investigator with the Elders and man is she awesome. Her name is Shannon. She is going to be baptized on the 28th of Novemeber. We are all so excited for her. Well she's a huge animal lover. She has cats everywhere, dogs are all in the backyard. But we walk into her house and this cat makes a really really weird meow and were all like what is that? Then the cat starts throwing up was soo disgusting! So what do we do during the lesson. We liken reading the scriptures to a cat throwing up, because everything relates to the gospel somehow:) 

Tracting this week was fun:) We ran into this Pentecostal kid who really liked what we had to say, we gave him a book of mormon and we're trying to set up another appointment with him. Then his mom comes to the door yells "Go AWAY!" and slammed the door, then locked it. We start walking away and we were pretty happy because at least they had a book of mormon in the house. Then we hear the door unlock and the mom comes running at us... WHAT DO WE DO! so she gets close to us and she gives us back the book of mormon and doesnt say anything. Walks back to her door and slammed it again and locked it again. Best way to make tracting fun is to laugh about the funny things that happen. 

This week has just been a blast of happiness and laughing. No matter what your circumstances are, take a second to laugh! The world needs more laughter and joy. Specially with THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS coming up, we all can be a little better to help others see that HAPPINESS is the best thing to overcome the world right now! 

I love yall!
Sister Durtschi
We helped a crazy lady that we tracted into move...We thought the for sale sign was fitting for Sister Durtschi:) Im adorable inside:)

While tracting we ran into this field full of of course we take a picture with one closest to the road.

We have horrible beds in our apartment so we thought maybe we'll embrace the culture a bit and put them in the living room like everyone else in the south and then we will get some worked for 1 night :p

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hey Yall!

What a crazy fantastic week! Sorry I am late in emailing! We just got done with an appointment with Shanika and man is she sooo amazing! I wish yall could meet her! She just is so special and knows that this is true, Satan just continues to send her hardships. BUT she is STRONG and will overcome it all! 

I'm in overwhelming joy right now and will be on a high for the rest of this transfer. My favorite family from Gulfport, the Sauciers, drove 14 hours here and back just to see me! They are my family and will forever be my favorite! They also found out they are gonna have twin BOYS! Two cute little Saucier boys running around soon! Cant wait for this!

Last Monday we had a challenge to hit 3 lessons. We had two and just needed one more but our last plan fell through. So being the missionaries we are we started to tract. We turn onto this street and its a street we had just talked about a less active living on. We just couldnt remember what number house she was. So I just randomly said 442. We were going and kind of got lost, so we go to turn around and found house number 440! It must be the next one, i yelled to my companion. We turn and this guy was soo mean to us and we were saddened that it wasnt special like we thought. but then we pass his mailbox and it was 356. So we turn the other way and find out 442 was the one above the 440. So we knock and the guy was really nice and we talked. Told us his number was probably in our why does he know that/we dont even know that. We get home and that was the less actives house and we did have their number. It was so funny/spirit lead tracting is just the greatest!

This week we also had to go to Shreveport for a mini zone conference! We have a lot of changes to our mission rules which will be a great way to help mission work:) We also had this week full of members helping us in coming to appointments and tracting. We had a blast!

I hope yall have a fantastic week! 

Love yall!
Sister Durtschi
What we are pretty much telling Shanika:)


Alex left this week:)

He's still himself:)

Post Cards

Hey Yall! 

Another week for ya! I'm loving it here in wake village! The weather is normally rainy but we make it through because we have sunshine to bring to people! This week was a little weird with Halloween but it was super fun! 

So we went on exchanges with the New Boston sisters on wednesday because they didnt have enough miles to make it back and forth from our missionary meeting and our trunk or treat thing that night. So I got a chance to get to know Sister Conder! She's a stellar missionary for only being out 3 months and training already! I felt bad though because we ended up tracting the whole time we were together...ooops:/

We also had the opportunity to clean out our laundry room because its a sisters apartment and sisters always leave things in each apartment. So our laundry room was full of crap. (my ocd side came out!) BUT we found this nike box of post cards. These post cards were from like 1909 though! Like whaaat! They just have so many memories! There was also a ton of blank cards so if you get one thats why:) You should be honored to have such an old piece of history!

We also had NO miles this last week because the sister before me was going home so she didnt care about it and then when I got here we didnt have the option to use miles because we were so over. So we walked to all of our appointments! I dont think I've ever walked so much in my entire life., but we ran into some cool people along the way. We stopped to see Shanika on one of these walks and it was just perfect timing. She was bout ready to give up on everything! She just didnt know what to do anymore. Frandsen and I got her to recognize that people need her and that she means the world to us! She is just soo strong and has Satan working on her double time right now. Please pray for her if you need something to pray about:)

Halloween was also this week! Hope everyone got lots of candy! We were told we had to be in at 6 so we didnt really know what to do, but then the Elders decided to have a game night so we came to the church and had a party #missionparty #besthalloween

One thing I've learned this week is that no matter what we are going through someone else has had it harder, someone is always going through more. So why do I put people down with such negativity when the world needs happiness. So I put it to the test I spent this week always being positive and happy to everyone trying to make em laugh. We were able to make so many more friends and we just felt better about ourselves throughout the week. So in other words this week please share a smile! Stay happy and always remember you have it better than someone else so smile about everything!

Love Yall,

Sister Durtschi

Happy Birthday to... Marianne Olsen, Adam Lough, Harmony Durtschi, Mary Loertscher, Logan Durtschi, Lydia Loertscher, Annie Cline, Brent Durtschi, Adrianna Beazer, Jakob Durtschi

P.s also paid fast offering with tracting change...because thats what happens when your tracting change jar gets full:) The ward clerk loved me!

Tracting change:)

They say this town is small....uhhhh

Frandsen and I #tracting

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wake Village

Hey yall! 

Another fantastic week! New place, new family (missionary district), new adventures await! So this week was transfers and as yall know I got moved to Texas. It was a 12 hour t-van ride from Gulfport to Texarkana...long story short Tuesday was a very long day! But I got to see the whole mission! Literally met everyone in the mission! 

So this week I met a 100 year old lady! ONE HUNDRED YEAR OLD! Like woah isnt that sooo cool! She cant really understand anything but no one visits her. So we are gonna go over every week to make her laugh and let her have some company:) 

We also met some amazing people. Shanika just lost her 4 year old grandson and it was like perfect timing for us to come by. We've met with her 3 times in the last week and she says there is a reason why we came by the way we did/when we did. She wants to be baptized she just needs time to overcome some things. We also met Darrell who goes to houses and preaches to people. We brought up baptism by the priesthood authority and he says "well I already have that authority Jesus Christ came to me and gave it to me." So that is our hurdle with him right now...he thinks JC has come to him and made him the most powerful preacher in the world. This is gonna be fun!

It's also rained buckets here for days! In Gulfport it was a warm rain and never got very cold. Here though is SUPER cold and the rain is FREEZING! I can tell its gonna be a cold winter here! :) Good memories I guess:)

Also shoutout to my bro ALEX...i mean ELDER DURTSCHI! Getting ready to leave in a couple days for New Zealand! You'll be a fantastic missionary and a great leader! I love your guts! Miss you!

I'd love to hear from yall! My new address is:

523 Redwater Rd #29
Wake Village, Texas 75501

I love yall and hope you're having a fantabulous day! #rolltide

Sister Durtschi
My hubby and son #ElderGardnerPhotography

TEXAS #6months

Hey Yall!

Well this is the last email I'll be sending from Mississippi for a bit! I'm getting transferred to TEXAS! Yup going from the bottom of the mission to the very edge of the mission. But at least I'll get snow for christmas now!:)

This week has been crazy! Sister Elms turned TWENTY!!! I feel so young next to her!:) We went to Picayune again for a triple baptism! So fun to see my girl MOZINGO again! We went tracting in the ghetto again and got bashed on really hard by a JW and it really hurt us, so we really didnt want to keep tracting. BUT we turned down the road and we just felt like we needed to keep we did. And we run into the greatest homeless man! His name is Bill and he LOVES the Book of Mormon! He was reading it right there in front of us! He just totally made our day by being the sweetest old grandpa in the world! 

I also hit SIX MONTHS! What the! I feel like I just left yesterday! I know I still have a lot to learn but these are 6 things I've learned so far:
1. pray ALWAYS!
2. Nothing happens on your path unless you do something about it.
3. Communication is the only way to understand people.
4. I LOVE the 7 habits as a missionary! (never thought id say i love em #highschooldays)
5. The Book of Mormon is the best book I have ever read! (please try it)
6. Have FUN! Life is to short to be serious all the time!
Sorry I dont have a lot of time this week because I have to pack. But I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Durtschi

Crimson turns ONE:) 

We kind of got into it as well:)

My girl MOZINGO! #MTCComp

Southern Week

Hey Yall!

Well this week flew! I think most of it was because it started out crazy! This week was CRUISE THE COAST...which means the oldest and coolest cars were everywhere! People literally go to the beach all day everyday to watch the cars go by! It was a great time to do some additional inviting! We got to walk along the beach and talk to tons of people! It was just an addition that we got to see some sweet cars! 

We also got to see a member shoot this squirrel! It was soooo cool! He shot it in the house. They opened up the window and boom it was down! It was the greatest thing I have ever seen! #squierrelfordinner

We also spent a lot of time tracting in the ghetto this week. We met so many nice people. I think its funny how people tell us to be careful in those areas when those areas are when people actually listen and are nice to us. We go into nicer looking areas and its not as successful and the people are rude. The best part is we took some member with us and they LOVED the ghetto! 

Sorry got to run, but I hope yall are having the best MONDAY ever! Yall are amazing and enjoy this week!

Sister Durtschi
Elder Price, Gardner, Me, Sister Elms

Ghetto Tracting:)
Beach Night
Totally US:)

I'll come back to church when BLUE BELL comes back

Hey Yall!

So first off its not transfers but I'm emailing on Tuesday because we had specialized training yesterday...I've been out almost 6 months and had never been to a "greenie meeting." So we got to go do that all day yesterday. 

We also got to go out with Sister Olson (the mission presidents wife) yesterday night. It was really fun to get to know her and to let her meet some members as we had family night with them. 

The subject of this email is the greatest story yet! We get talking to this guy named Chico and he was loving what we were saying till we brought up church. He said he wouldnt "be walking into a church building till Blue Bell ice cream came back!" So when the best ice cream in the world comes back we will be checking on him and inviting him to church....again!:) 

We also went with a member to eat at Wendy's. As we walked in the cashier lady kept staring at our name tags. She later tells us she wants a job like ours so she can wear a cool name tag all the time. We didnt even explain who we were! We leave and get into the car and talk about how she came up and this is pretty much how it went "Hey, I like yalls name tag! -her- Yeah, cuz it says Jesus and not Wendy's -Us" Everyone needs a Jesus name tag!:) 

As we were doing our tracting early that week because of conference taking some time we did a lot of tracting each day. We ran into this one house that as we were walking to the door we just heard this couple and the kids screaming and fighting with each other and since we dont want to disrupt them with the negative attitude that they had we just left a couple Jesus picture pass a long cards in their door. Made me want to tract for another 7 hours! :) (we also tracted on my first sidewalk ever! In all my time of mississippi i've never tracted on sidewalk...its just not something they have in my area!)

We also got to go to a Kindergarten's lunch:) My favorite little girl Karli is going to school and was saying how no one ever visits her for we surprised her on our lunch and had the best lunch with a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds:) Reminded me of all the little kids at school! I hope yall are having the best school day yet! 

Well I hope yall are having a great week and are enjoying the spiritual high after conference! 

Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi


Sooo true...go to church peeps!
Karli's lunch:)

Saluted off a porch

Hey Yall! 

This week is another great week! (I feel like I say this every week...but its so true! Like every week is the best week!) Sister Elms and I are loving it and working to build our teaching pool. So in the process of finding people we run into this man named Mike...and at first I thought this guy was pretty cool...but then 27 cats later I find out he isnt so normal and he loves cats. So we left him with a book of mormon which he said he would read to his cats. The scriptures can be read to anyone peeps! 

This week we also did another first! We did some phone call tracting...why? because why not? Like lets just try this out and see how it goes. So we open up the phone book and get the people in our area and start calling away. We actually ended up having a few people interested in what we had to say...just from a phone call! And this is why they call us #longbeachlegends JK, it was just a new way of finding. We wont end up doing it again because it was awkward. But hey we got some awesome people to teach from it:) 

Now the reason for my subject...So we are tracting (actually knocking on doors) and we are in the ghetto (mom we dont go there at night so its ok) and there is this nicer looking house that we both agreed would be the house we share a message with em. So we walk up the two flights of stairs and what do we do? We knock on his door...because we're missionaries and thats what we do everyday! He then comes to the door and asked us if we were JW's, we say no, were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He then turns straight to us and gives us a salute and then slams the door. I thought it was the greatest way to be shut down! If only everyone would salute us for going door to door! 

Anywho I need to send a HUGE shout out to my sisters HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY! because I'm a turd of a sister and forgot to do it last week. Brooke, Breanne...I LOVE YOU! also Happy Birthday to Grandma Goldman! Sorry I missed out on all the CAKE! 

I hope yall have an amazing week! 
Love yall!
Sister Durtschi
What happens when you find shades in the car:)
Found the greatest plate of mississippi yet!


Hey Yall,

What a week! So as yall know we had transfers last week. I'm STILL in Long Beach and am loving it here! It was so sad to only have Sister Rodriguez for 6 weeks but she is using her spanish in another area so it was for the best. My new companion is Sister Elms and let me just tell you...she is a beast! We have only been together a week and have decided we wont have a better companionship for the rest of our missions, we go together like steak and potatoes!

So idk if yall remember when I talked about Myrna waaaaay back in August? Well things just weren't working out with her and her baptismal dates, so we kind of dropped her for a bit to let her find her way through the Lord....well we go over Wednesday and she says "Im ready for baptism Saturday." Say whaaaat? so guess what we finally did Saturday? Yup thats right a baptism. Myrna has been investigating the church for over a year and when I got here (5 months ago) she was just getting ready for baptism, so I'm so happy for her and the decision she made to finally take the leap of faith.

We also were out tracting on Saturday (saturday was just a big day for us) and we were able to teach three families who are super interested in what was said. We also handed out 5 book of mormon's that day! Like woah that was a first!  I just love mission work!:)
I know I've talked about prayers a lot but I can not put enough into it! Prayer is the only way to communicate with God. I like to think of it like a teenager and a cell phone. Teens love to text and talk on the phone, but what happens when they lose/break the phone? they feel lost. that kind of the way prayer works. We always have a chance to communicate and when we do, we dont feel so lost anymore. We dont have to have a phone to call...we can ALWAYS be in contact with our Heavenly Father! I'm so grateful for the comfort and peace of prayers! I will never go another day without saying a prayer. I know without a doubt He is listening and always will be. He loves each of us and will always be there for us!

I love yall!
Sister Durtschi
Myrna and I are never serious!

Transfer #3 accomplished

Hey yall!

sorry i missed last week. I have had kind of a crazy two weeks and am just now getting a chance to email. So this will be a make up for two week really fast:) 

two weeks ago: 
we had an amazing lesson with a member of the bishopric and his family and got to dress up and act out book of mormon characters. we ran into this awesome guy one day while eating and has been loving the book of mormon and loves everything we've told him which is just that God loves we are really excited about him! i also was able to go on exchanges with my old companion/mom sister winkel! it was just like old times!

last week:
sooo first off....i had a cow tongue taco! like never gonna have that again! but i can say i've had it! that was really the only big thing that happened....oh and i will no longer be training! sister rodriguez is leaving me:/ and i will be getting sister elms. That means 6 months in long beach! I love this area so much! 

Sorry it's short and sweet but thats all that i remember happening:)

i just want to say thank you for all the prayers and emails yall have sent my way. i know the passing of family members is hard and is one of the hardest things i've had to handle on the mission so far, but i have grown so much and i can feel my testimony touch people know when i testify of the plan of salvation. i know without a doubt that we are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. we are loved and no matter what you are going through He knows and if you turn to him, you will have comfort! i love each of you! you all mean so much to me! Families are together forever! LOVE YOU!
Sister Ashley Durtschi

p.s good luck to all those starting/started school!:)
Met Elvis:)

Four Months...FLIES

Hey Yall!

Monday was a great pday! Well all pdays are great but especially when you get to play basketball (with someone other than yourself)! The Elders are so nice and invite us to play, because hey when your the only sisters with 6 elders there isnt a whole lot we all do together. We also went to a families house who's son just got his mission call to LONDON ENGLAND! Like whaaaat! So we went over and just gave him advice and good idea's for the mission. It was actually fun to look back on things I wish I knew before the mission to when I'm on a mission.

Tuesday was our day of meetings. We had our first interviews with our new mission president. It was actually kind of weird as he was just praising me for training...I still cant believe I'm training someone! Like woah! But it's been a good learning experience...4 weeks down, 8 weeks to go:) Our new mission president and his wife are very nice sweet people, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve around them for the rest of my mission:)

Wednesday was a great day!  We went to two lessons before noon and had set them both with baptismal dates! Like thats the best way to start your day off as a missionary (of course prayer comes first and study and all of that but this is great as well)! 

Thursday is harvesting day...we try to use very little miles on our cars and talk to everyone we see. So we melted but we met so many cool people (as we always do)! We even ran into a "high"group of kids and started talking about Chicago Bulls (thank you growing up in a little town and watch sports) and then somehow tie that into the gospel. They then stopped smoking when we brought up Jesus. It was just so great to see the effect one name had on their actions. They actually were pretty interested so we'll find out next week when we go see them:)

Friday was great! While doing three hours of tracting we only had 1 lesson. That is rough BUT the lesson all started because he was wearing a JOHN DEER watch! No one in Long Beach Mississippi knows what john deer is! But this guy did. Somehow as a missionary you can relate anything and everything to the gospel. So I put John Deer and the gospel together. He wasnt very interested but it totally made my day! 

Saturday was full of active member lessons so Sister Rodriguez can continue teaching/learning how to do things. She is growing up way to fast! 

Sunday was a day of miracles. There is a spanish speaking family investigating the church and the bishop called someone to do a spanish gospel principals class. So since we are in a zebra companionship (Sister Rodriguez speaks spanish, I speak english) We went on splits and she went to that class to help them and I took our investigators to english. It was actually pretty fun to hear her stories of them actually understanding what was going on. We then had lots of tracting to do. BUT we had so many nice people come into our way! It just made us so happy to be following the spirit and seeing the people the Lord wanted us to see. 

This week has been great! I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary. I cant believe how fast time flies but that is what makes it that much more precious! Please remember how fast things go in life and always remember the Lord never made you too busy for Him! 

Love yall!

Sister Durtschi
Random field of flowers:)


Hey Yall!

So this was just an amazing week of HEAT! I know yall took my advice and everytime you were in AC you took an extra second in it for me...because it never felt to hot to be outside. Which means I was ok with doing SIXTEEN hours of tracting! Sister Rodriguez is a beast and just kept saying "lets tract." So if your wondering...we won the tract-a-thon, and our whole zone (the smallest in the mission) had almost 80 hours of tracting. Mission work is so FUN!

On tuesday a less active family asked us to come over with the elders and give their son a blessing because he was going in for heart surgery. We get there, and what do they have as a pet? a RACCOON! Like no way! So were sitting there with a raccoon just chillin with us! (Only in the south) So I got to pet a raccoon! Check that off my bucket list! 

While we were in out 16 hours of tracting we ran into a man that was just bashing us. Like it was a hard bash and I felt bad for Sister Rodriguez because this was her first real bash. He is telling us we need to find the truth and stuff and she starts crying and telling him she has. He just kept throwing punches (not literally mom) and so we finally just tell him we will read the bible and find out. We leave and Sister Rodriguez is just so mad that he would do that. In the meantime I'm just praying and hoping we will find someone nice to make up for him. The Lord always answers! Four doors down we run into this guy, who as soon as we said Jesus Christ, got super happy and energetic. Told us how we are so special and just exactly what was needed after a hard bashing. It really was a miracle for the day!

So for those of you who live around me (in idaho), yall remember the story about Acey Shaw on ESPN? Yeah so we are tracting (of course) and we run into this guy who asked exactly where I was from after I said Idaho. He goes well how close is that to Dietrich? I said actually 45 min away...we play sports against em...and all that jazz. Anyways he was like do you know Acey Shaw? I was in amazement as he said the name! I said yes! He asked all these questions and just wanted to hear the whole story and know how I knew him. Anyways I bring up the fact that he is mormon, and he goes no way..can I be part of that? Of course you can! So we set him with a baptismal date! But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been examples! Yall never know who is watching ya and is learning from ya! Just keep that in mind!

Also yesterday in church the primary asked us and the zone leaders to dress up and tell the story of different bible characters...It was actually so fun! We came through the time machine door and got to just feel the love of little children. We all wanted to take the costumes home, but the primary president wouldnt let us:( 

Love Yall!

Sister Ashley Durtschi
Our tracting GAME FACE #BeatTheHeat

Time Machine #BibleStories