Monday, November 7, 2016

Sister Durtschi is now ASHLEY

Hey Yall! 

Well this is last mass email! Idk what yall will do without reading these things! haha take an extra 5 minutes to sleep or something else besides read sister durtschi's crazy life stories! But anyways...

My last week as a missionary....................................................... I really dont like the sound of that....but i do like the sound of not having to write crazy emails and actually getting to talk to yall! haha but anyways this week was crazy busy! We were running from one appointment to the next. LEGIT running out the door to our car and driving as fast as possible with a TiWi and running to that door. NEVER BEEN SOOO BUSY! 

Monday we spent Halloween at the Ishee's with all of their friends:) Went trick or treating with on a hay ride! So much fun here...mainly cuz its still WARM! We also did a surprise district bday party for Anderson! Cake and Ice Cream! SOOO good! First goodbye of the week...J.J. Ishee! HARDEST GOODBYE YET AND IT WAS THE FIRST ONE!!!! (It was a hard week!)

Tuesday was chaos! It was sister andersons birthday and oh was she in for a day! I texted everyone we knew beforehand and asked them to send birthday wishes and if we were seeing them to sing happy birthday to her. EVERYONE here went above and beyond! I think we ate 3 cakes in 3 hours! haha (not eating cake for the rest of the year!) But so much fun, we spent the whole morning pickin pecans for a member and then had lunch(aka thanksgiving) with them and they got a huge cake. Then we saw some nonmembers and did some service for them. Then went to the Balch's for "service" as sister anderson thought and we had a bday party for her with MORE cake! Then we went to dinner with Sister B. and had another feast and had EVEN MORE cake! Then went to see a less active family to say bye...ok, all of these are gonna be see ya laters, cuz GOODBYES are NOT fun!

Wednesday was MY LAST DISTRICT MEETING EVER! Saddest day ever! We went to dinner with the Balch's and then had branch council and was informed again that this sunday would be my last sunday and man did that just make my heart break a little bit and made me realize that this is really coming to an end.

Thursday was another day of saying bye:( man this isnt fun! I have really REALLY come to love the people here!

Friday we went to see the Mannings:) LOVE THEM! spent 5 hours answering questions and talking and just awesome things! Was the best thing ever! Then we went and had dinner with the Parnell's:) LOVE SOUTHERN COOKIN! Then we went to see their kids new "house" which is actually a SCHOOL BUS that they took all the seats out of and have made it the coolest looking thing on the plantet, when I get home, yall can see the video of it! ITS SOO COOL! 

Saturday I started packing...but wasnt to happy bout that so i kinda stopped after a while, cuz my heart was breaking! So we went and saw some people and said bye and then we went to a birthday party with a part member family and oh how i love more CAKE! lol 

Sunday we went to church and it was the SADDEST DAY EVER! Final goodbyes and testimonies. This branch has changed my outlook on life and what is really important and it just broke my heart! The branch threw me a little party after church and gah Im just going to miss everyone down here! 

Yall, I just want to take a second and tell everyone from my mission...THANK YOU! I could NOT have done these 18 months without yall! Yall have changed my life for the better and Im soooo grateful for the examples yall have been to me! Thanks for all the laughs and great memories! Please keep in touch and let me know if I can do anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! (if ya want my number email me and ill let ya know!) I LOVE YALL SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Thanks for everything!

Family and friends from home, thanks for all the love and support the last year and a half! I have never felt so much the power from prayer as I have as a missionary, as soon as i felt down, i knew one of yalls prayers were lifting me up, so thanks for EVERYTHING! Cant wait to see yall! LOVE YOU!  

Toodles my noodles! LOVE YALL!
Sister Durtschi

The squad!

We all really LOVE each other!