Monday, April 25, 2016

One Year Older and Wiser Too...I Hope!

Hey yall!

First this legit video! Sooo funny!

What a week! I feel like time is going sooo FAST...and slow all at the same time! A YEAR! A year has passed and it has been the greatest year of my life! I cant believe i only have 6 months left! Look comes Sister Durtschi!

This was one of the best weeks of my mission! We had soooo much fun, yet had sooo much to do! Thats one of the greatest things i've learned so far is you can be super packed with stuff to do and have no time to do it, yet somehow, you accomplish it all! The Lord really does provide a way with everything we all do!

We saw Kyah this week and oh man is she just the best! I absolutely love her! She came to church Sunday! Her and her kids are just the greatest!

When Sister Demo and I were together we tracted into a lady who we offered her service. Now this lady is like the sweetest old grandma yall will ever meet! So we have gone over the last couple weeks to vacuum her floors and just keep her company!

We started teaching a 90 year old man named Thomas! He's an excommunicated member so we dont really have stewardship over him, but we have permission to keep teaching him. We go over and just hear war stories for days, so its been fun to have a history class and tie it into the history of the gospel. :)

We also started a scripture study class this week. I spent my Tuesday night calling every single person on our ward record...BUT no one showed up. NEVERTHELESS! That doesnt get Sister Durtschi down! We have every Wednesday till i leave (and hopefully still continues) to get someone to the class! It can be done and will be done!

We helped one of our favoritest families ever moved this week:( sad day! They were such a help to all missionaries that have ever served here in the Delta and they will be very missed!

Yesterday was SISTER O'CONNORS BIRTHDAY! I stayed up all night decorating the house and making breakfast. Had a great day at church, where she had to speak, and then we went to see Thomas with the bishop's wife and daughter, and then had dinner at the Turley's:) A great birthday if you ask me:)

Love yall sooo much! Have a great week! Miss yall!
Sister Durtschi

The one and only GREENVILLE MS!

Our motivation to leave the apartment:)

The district:)

Monday, April 18, 2016

New Comp and New Outlooks

Hey Yall! 

CRAZY week! So much happened! As yall know we had transfers and Sister Demo made it home safe and sound!:) I was able to get SISTER O'CONNOR! and man we've only been together 6 days now and she's already my best friend! Its gonna be a super good transfer! 

We had interviews yesterday that were flippin AMAZING! President Olson just gave me the biggest encouragement and motivation to get me thru the next 6 months of the mission! Absolutely loved it! 

Also have had the best of times with teaching in this area! We were tracting a couple weeks back and found the most amazing lady ever! Kyah! She had met sisters in the past but it just wasnt her time. GUYS!!! Let me tell you how amazing she is! She meets with us every Tuesday and Thursday! She gave her copy of the Book of Mormon to her Pastor and he has been reading out of it for bout 2 months.(He preaches out of it to the congregation!) She asked her Pastor for a 2nd opinion of the "mormons" and he said to pray and follow her heart! She's been sneakin into her mothers room to read her copy that she hides under her pillow to read every night! She knows the church is true and the Book of Mormon is word of God! SHE IS AMAZING RIGHT! Please pray for her as she continue's the process to change and fellowship with the members of our ward! I just love her!

So much is changing and I'm in love with the work of the Lord! I have changed for the best! This is the greatest experience I've ever had! Missions are not the easiest thing to do! They never will be...but oh how much we learn from them means sooo much more! I mean nothing the Lord did was easy...but think about how much He changed the lives of others! I love the way we can all help each other grow by following His example! When we go thru hardship and challenges, HE is ALWAYS there! This has been my favorite video lately! He WILL give YOU help!

I love yall oh sooo much! Shout out to some of yall who sent me testimonies! They are helping not only the investigators...but my testimony! THANKS! MISS YALL! 

Sister Durtschi

Sister Frandsen! #home

Texar Sistas are back!

Elder Franklin and Gaush

Elder Benson #home and Vest...being Vest

Monday, April 11, 2016

Car Rides

Hey Yall!

Transfers are tomorrow! Sister Demo is going home! That is sooo weird! She is sooo ready for this new opportunity tho! (you might say she's a bit trunky!) So we got the calls this morning. Ill find out tomorrow who my new companion is! 

Thats another thing so Wednesday we went down to Clinton to have ZTM and found out the way we do transfers is totally different. Well transfers are the same but the way we find out and the days before are different. We no longer have pre transfer day of service on monday. Monday is now pday. Transfer day is a normal working day. We now find out if were getting transferred on Monday mornings instead of Saturday nights. We really didnt have to worry to much tho, because we already new Demo was going home. They also are combining the Jackson and Clinton Zones! Crazy! 

Saturday was a super long day! Sister Demo was teaching someone in Columbia and so as her last wish in the mission she was able to go to the baptism. We drove down to Jackson to meet our mission president at the mission home (first time i've been there since day 1!) and they took us the rest of the way! Was a super fun car ride! Then we had the baptism for Nicole. Had lunch at a members house and then traveled with the special AP's thru Purvis and Hattiesburg to see some people before Elder Lovell, Hansen and Sister Demo go home. Got to Jackson and then still had a 3 hour drive to Greenville. Didnt get home till bout 11. Was a super long day! BUT super fun! 

This week was crazy busy! The south has a lot of things that go on...but one of them is something we call the Flake Monster. We will have amazing lessons with people but never see them again! So we tried super hard this week to get in with people and get 2nd lessons! We got 5! Miracles do happen when we try our hardest to be more like Him!

Reminder! I still need yalls testimonies for the Book of Mormons!  I only have 1! Come on...i need hundreds of thousands! 

Guess yall will find out next week who the lucky sister is that gets stuck with me! :) haha i love yall and hope you have the bestest week! Keep being stella this week! 

Sister Durtschi
Elder Taeatafa, Elder Beckstrom!

Sister Keables!

Sister Mitchell!

General Conference

Hey Yall!

Dont have a lot of time today, but just wanted to say...CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING! i loved every second of it! (priesthood session where Uchtdorf put the priesthood on blast! loved every sec of conference tho!)  Cant wait to actually read them in the ensign...or we could get ipads and have it at our fingertips! (someone in contact with the missionary department?) But this week was great! 

We decided to tract! We havent had a ton of success in finding people so we decided to do a lot of tracting! We had so many lessons and so many new people to try back with! It was a tender mercy! 

So much happened but i dont have time...sorry! This week I just wanted to remind yall how special yall are to me! You mean the world to me! Each and every one of you! You also mean the world and beyond to our Heavenly Father! He loves you and knows your name! Dont ever think differently! He has so many things planned for you! Strive to live worthy of all the blessings He is willing to give ya! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! 

Have an amazing week!
Sister Durtschi
Fav quote!

Candy from Japan! THANKS ARRI!