Monday, March 28, 2016

Clinton Week

Hey Yall!

First off....CONGRATS TO DALLIN DURTSCHI! You're going to be a great missionary in the Russia Novosibirsk Mission!

This week was spent....not in Greenville. hehe we spent a lot of time in the Clinton area of Mississippi. We got to drive down to clinton tuesday night and spend the night at a sister's apartment...but it was awkward because they were on exchanges with the STL's so they were not there. Wednesday we had zone conference. Thursday we had exchanges with the STL's (Sister Mitchell is AMAZING!). and then drove back late Thursday night. Friday and Saturday consisted of clean up's from the flood. Sunday was church and weekly planning. So this was a super crazy week! BUT it was EASTER and I just love talking bout EVERYTHING THAT JESUS DID FOR US!

At zone conference we recieved in our vehicles a new gift.....a TiWi. Idk how many of yall know about them....but they are black boxes from Hades. They tell you when you go over the speed limit by 5mph, when you stop to fast, when you turn to sharp, when you hit speed bumps too fast, when you run over pot holes (that one is a problem for mississippi), and when you dont wear your seatbelt. Guess we wont have as many accidents in the car...but still it is a demanding little box that has a robot voice.

So many miracles come from following the spirit! Let me tell ya a little story. So as we are cleaning up peoples houses. We were at a house who's whole back room had to be destroyed. I was in charge of the paper work for the church and the state in order for us to help these people so it gave me a great chance to talk and get to know the people. In doing so I was able to share the Easter video the church sent out. I absolutely loved the smile these people had on their faces when they  realized everything was gonna be ok through Him. There are miracles all around us all the time! But this one lady who we were working with was in tears. She said that we could come back and teach more and that she would come to church! It was such an amazing experience because she DID come to church and she felt the spirit so strong! I love the joy people have when they feel the LOVE of our Savior!

I'm now asking yall a HUGE FAVOR! So this area needs A LOT of help! Well lets be real....the SOUTH NEEDS HELP! but I would love it if yall would write down yalls testimonies in half a sheet of paper and mail it to me! I will then put them in the Book of Mormons we hand out. They can be about anything....but I would love to add your witness to this gospel along with the witness of the Book of Mormon. Maybe yall could do this as a FHE one night or just a sunday activity. I would GREATLY appreciate it though!

I hope yall have an amazing week and remember to make the most of each day!
Love yall!,
Sister Dutschi

We try:)

The Homie Squad

We are called MISSIONARIES

Best district eva

Favorite quote!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Service Days!

Hey Yall! 


This was was CRAZY! We had so much clean up from the flooding! We had almost 20 hours of service in just 2 days! I felt sooo bad. The people we were helping lost everything! We had to cut sheetrock out of houses, tear out carpet, and move everything from inside the house out to the garbage pile outside by the road. It was a long and tiresome week. Always be grateful to live in a dry place and cherish the things you have!

We also went out for the first time with some members. We tried to see tons of less actives...but no one was home. We did tho find one of the neighbors home at a nursing home, and can i tell yall they were the funniest old ladies yet! They called there neighbor (the less active) "the wicked witch of the West! She hit me with a plate! Shes a WITCH!" It was by far the funniest thing I'd ever heard! Love the south!

We found out that one of our investigators is actually a member! We were teaching her and she said "oh im already a member, I been baptized and know all!" we bout died. she had all of her grandkids there and we laughed because they are named Money, Dolla Bill, 50 Cent, and Boss Man. Thats what everyone calls em and they respond. It was great! 

The rest of the week we were doing damage cleanup which was a very humbling experience! So many people came to help! We actually were suppose to speak on sunday, but we didnt have a normal sunday. We had the sacrament, sister demo and i gave our testimonies and then we were on the road to help out in Cleveland. For sure didnt feel like a sunday! But it was great because we helped so many people and helped people feel the love of God.

As we were doing the clean up we were on one of the streets that our investigator lived at. She needed some help so we helped her. She hadnt been to church yet....but guess what. SHE CAME SUNDAY! It was a tender mercy as we didnt have a whole lot of time to go out and teach because we were helping with clean up. After the meeting she asked who Joseph Smith was and was SUPER interested! I was sooo happy to have followed the spirit and not given up on her because she was now finally understanding and interested in the message! 

Alway remember how much the Lord is aware of our circumstances! He leads and guides but it's our responsibility to do our part. Read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, go to the temple, go to seminary, and all the other things He asks us to do! 1 Nephi 3:7. 

I love yall and hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Durtschi
Greenville has their own brick!

Random kid from the street wanted to go tracting with us! He was a sniper soldier and was waiting for his nerf battle!

When we finished we had to take a snap shot:)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Here Comes The Rain Again!

Hey Yall!
What a week! I mean this one really has been maybe the longest week of my entire mission! Let me tell ya how each day went!
Monday: We had a blast! The Greenwood Elders came and we finally all got to have a great pday...cuz there is nothing to do here. So we went on a nature walk that is behind our apartment. Coolest district photo's below! My DISTRICT>Your district (just kidding! all missionaries are great)
Tuesday: We gave service at a food drive, and spent the day tracting. Tracting really isnt the funnest, if you've ever been, but I also tell my comps "you dont know fun tracting till you come out with Sister Durtschi!" (yes, as a missionary i refer to myself as third person.hehe) But it's true you gotta make the most out of it! Thats where all the cool stories come from! Sorry I dont have one for this week tho! It started raining buckets that night!
Wednesday: We had to drive to Brandon Mississippi for a Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) in which we were taught to help others understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we need to keep it sacred! I love the Book of Mormon! I've never been a fan of reading a whole lot! But dang kids lemme tell ya something...I CANT PUT IT DOWN! The stories just come alive as you sincerely read and ponder its words! I love it! It also kept raining all day and it started to flood today.
Thursday: Poured ALL DAY LONG! This is day 2 of it pouring the whole time! Wasnt so bueno! The flooding became a lot more! I mean dang! So we went and tried a few people to make sure they were ok, but not a lot got done because of the weather.
Friday: STILL RAINING! Like who knew the sky could cry sooo much! Went to a members house who fed us dinner and told us she's been mopping all day because its been flooding her house. We decided were gonna help everyone we can with getting this flood thing under control!
Saturday: Saw Darrel today! Was sooo good to see him! He is reading from the Book of Mormon and is loving it! Cant wait to see what happens with him. Still raining! The rain is just a givin every day now.
Sunday: SUNSHINE! we had sunshine for 6 hours! It was so nice! But then "here comes the rain again, fallin on my head like a memory!" This storm was bad last night! The worst one i have ever seen! Lightning, thunder, flash flood, wind, tornadoes. Like it was a crazy night! But as we prayed we were comforted in knowing we would be ok. So it was a great night! Love the many blessings we each receive from prayers!
As you can tell this week has been a little chaotic! BUT sooo good! We've been able to help so many people and talk to sooo many people about relying on Jesus Christ! I love the SOUTH!
Hope yall have an amazing week and always remember how much you make a difference in people's lives. The way you act and show others you care really does mean the world to them! Dont ever let anyone see you down! We ALL have bad days but...ALWAYS look for the good! Miss yall millions!
Love Yall!
Sister Durtschi

You know we're chill!:)

Batman or Superman?

Car rides for DAYS!

My DISTRICT>Your District


This was a its a lake!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drug Lords!

Hey Yall!

This was a great week! Finally kinda up and Still a process...but we at least know where we are... GREENVILLE! lol

So the phone came in the mail Monday and we were sooo excited but um awkward it wasnt activated. So we still had to wait to contact anyone. BUT we finally got it all up and going! Monday we also played card games and other games...but in the process Elder Taeatafa ripped his  Funniest PDAY EVA!

Tuesday we were out trying to see people before we had to give the elders the car on wednesday. and so we parked and walked around the neighborhood. well it started to get dark and the street was a little sketch but nothing very bad compared to other places i've been. Then this chick comes out and says...DONT go around the corner! They are all drug lords and will shoot you! SOOOO we didnt go around the corner. we just walked back to the

Then Wednesday we went to GREENWOOD for district meeting (all of us wear yellow)! Its an hour away but we are the farthest away from anyone in the mission! I think president likes to exile me! But they are still in our district. So we get there and guess what! The movie The Help was filmed there! Like halla!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was a blur. But we went to give service at an adult day care and then this preacher came in and preached to em...but we thought she was gonna die because it was more like a rap than anything else. Now i feel bad for my broski biking 50 miles... but I've gone almost a year without biking a day on my mission....since were in a car share we have to get places pretty far. So we biked! 10 miles! Thought i was gonna die! SO OUT OF SHAPE! SOUTHERN FOOD! ITS A KILLER!

Sunday was a great fast sunday:) The ward here is just like HOME! a little smaller but pretty close to the same. We have no young men and only 2 young women. BUT everyone here is family! I love it! Then we went tracting and found this stella guy named Darrel, who's been to the church when he was a kid with his grandparents. We talked for a while and both Demo and I just felt like he's ready for this! We'll find out this next week:)

Yall! You are just the best! I hope each of you know that! You are each an amazing son and daughter of God! Always remember you are LOVED by Him! and ME:) Miss yall!

Love ya!
Sister Durtschi


Yellow day for the District:)