Thursday, September 1, 2016

Butt Dialed Tracting

Hey Yall!

What a week! Time goes by and well here we are again...emailing:) I'm sure yall are sick of these mass emails by now...but hold on, only a few more to go:) 

Tuesday we went to a town south of us called Beaumont and guess what? WE TRACTED! Well we live kinda in the middle of no where, but we get cell phone service in Richton, but we dont anywhere I had text Doodle Ishee to let her know where we were and if we didnt text her by tonight, to come find us (cuz well ya never know what will happen, we could get stuck in the mud for heavens sake) (if ya have any questions bout that ask Sister Scott)  well i just put the phone in my bag and we went off...well I guess i accidentally called her while we were they just stayed on the line! They didnt cut it off! THEY HEARD ALL OF OUR CONVERSATIONS! IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY! We got in the car once we finished and our phone connects to the blue tooth in it, and it said Doodle Ishee and they were talking so i thought they butt dialed us...then they explained...least they know we have good door approaches:) 

We also found a referral that a member gave us. They weren't very interested, but guess what yall we heard the craziest story! Their daughter was doing laundry (everyones laundry is outside in the car ports here) and a cat was hanging out with her while she was doing it. Well when she went to get the clothes out of the dryer...she found a FRIED CAT! The cat had jumped into the dryer without her knowing and well she started it and found out later why it was smelling so bad. OOOPS! 

This week was full of miracles! We made it a goal to go and find ALL the members on the Branch Record. So we went hunting for them all. We hit about half of them, PEEPS please dont ever leave what you know to be true because of something someone said! It hurts to be offended! I know it does but guess not coming back to church or not reading your scriptures is hurting yourself more than they did hurting your feelings. I know that is super blunt, but guess what yall its true! Read and pray and go to church. NO MATTER WHAT! You will be filled with a greater light and will love the fresh feeling you get from doing what the Lord wants. 

I LOVE YALL SOOOO MUCH! Thanks for all the love and support and remember...if your having a bad day...just remember you arent the fried cat! So you are having a better day than the cat! :p

Love yall!
Sister Durtschi

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