Monday, September 26, 2016

Transfer Thirteen in SANDHILL

Hey Yall!

CRAZY WEEK! Exchanges, the ER, tracting in RICHTON, and soooo much more! I cant even tell yall how crazy its been! 

First off, transfer calls came this morning and Ill be dying in Sandhill! i have mixed feelins about this being my last transfer, but I'm excited for whats all gonna happen! Sister Hope though will be leaving. So I will have a new companion. yall will find out next week who that is to be! 

So Monday thru Wednesday we went on exchanges with the STL's again:) I was able to go with the amazing Sister Golder again in Oak Grove! Well when we swapped comps on monday i gave sister hope our phone and well sister Ali-Savory forgot to give sister Golder their phone. So we were phoneless...until we had a knock on the door that night and a member that had dinner with the sisters was coming to oak grove that night and just decided to drop it off for us....well she did and brought us SHAKES! yall first tender mercy for the night! Well this was also a LONG night, cuz well we also had to go to the ER because of an ANT BITE! so the ants here are crazy weird..they are poisionous and sometimes cause problems if youre allergic. Well i've gotten many ant bites and i've dealt with them...well this whole foot swole up and was making my toes purple and it was too hot to touch, so I put my foot to Golders leg and she thought i touched her with a flat iron...Long story short, we spent SIX HOURS waiting in the ER, just so the doctor could say "might be a spider bite, just keep it elevated and take benadryl." and then he walked out....we didnt get home till bout 5 that morning. great fun! lol Gotta love exchanges!

We finally got the go ahead to tract in Richton! They didnt get rid of the city ordinance but they arent listening to the lawers of the church, so they said we can go ahead and tract...IF I GET ARRESTED...YALL KNOW WHY! (plus that would be the coolest mission story yet!)

Sorry dont have much longer, but I just want to say...YALL ARE THE BEST! MAKE THIS WEEK AWESOME! 

Love yall!
Sister Durtschi

Paxton #TexarLife

Boehme is going HOME

Stevens! <3 them!

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