Monday, September 12, 2016

Miracles Through Referrals!

Hey Yall!

First off shout out to MYRNA UNDERWOOD! Today is her YEAR MARK of being a member! I'm soooo happy she let me be part of her journey and cant wait to come back and see her! LOVE YOU MYRNA! 

This week was CRAZY yall! Monday was spent at the Ishees for a district pday! Gah I love them! Tuesday we had specialized training with President Olson and then we were able to double work Petal Sisters area so...i got to be with one of my homies Sister MAUGHAN! (shes an all-star!) We stayed up all night talking Tuesday and we also played soccer Wednesday morning (5:30 is waaaay to early for sister durtschi normally, but i already had no sleep!lol) with some of the peeps in the zone:) Then we had DM and then exchanges with the STL's. I went back to Sand Hill with Sister Golder! Oh my lanta do I love that girl! She has a big heart and just loves to listen and work hard! Stayed up that whole night talking too. (Sister durtschi just wont get sleep this week!) Then changed back Thursday. The rest of the week was just bout normal. We did do some tracting in Sand Hill tho, so that was fun! (we still cant tract in Richton because of the city ordinance still in affect.)

Let me take a sec to talk about referrals...we have been living off of them! Since we cant tract thats all we have to be able to talk to people in Richton. Well Saturday was a special day! Why? BECAUSE WILLIE GRACE WAS BAPTIZED! He was a referral from our recent converts and well, now hes a recent convert! Anyways...Willie Grace was baptized Saturday! Was so much fun! I dont think i've ever had so little people at a baptism (because its a branch) BUT the spirit was there and thats what matters! (plus we had some real good food(; ) Willie was confirmed a member and was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday! Was amazing as well! Had to speak sunday too. Guess what got it....MISSIONARY WORK!  

Funny story of the week: So no one in the branch plays the piano. I've played a couple times since sister scott left, but anyone that knows me, knows I CANT PLAY! So we just push the button on the piano to play the songs. (my kind of piano) Well yesterday we were fixin to sing the opening song and the lady pushing the button couldnt get it to work. It would play for a second and then stop. I was already up and ready to lead our GIANT choir. Since it was awkward standing there, i started doing this stupid little dance. Oh my the branch just busted a gut laughing at the "darndest things sister durtschi does." lol I love this branch and all the fun stories they will have from my craziness:) 

Yall this week has been full of ups and downs, but guess what, God WANTS it like that! If everything was perfect in our lives we wouldnt know joy from sorrow, kindness from mean, and love from hatred. We have to have both in order to see and feel Gods love. Just because we go through these things doesnt mean He's not aware of us and what were going through, It just means we are growing! In Alma 26:11-12 we learn that we must boast of our God and not in ourselves, for we are nothing without Him! Please remember that! No matter what...HE HAS YOUR BACK! 

Sorry this was a long one! So much happened this week tho! 
I love yall soooooo much! Miss yall even more! 
Sister Durtschi

Soccer District:)
Maughan, Miller, Hill, Brinton, Me, Hope

Baptism pics with the ishees:)

And again...the Ishees:)

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