Monday, September 12, 2016

Mississippi's Heat is Almost Gone...ALMOST!

Hey Yall!

So this week was a little slower than last week, but that doesnt mean we dont have FUN! It just means we get to have more time to find random activities to do:)

We had a great pday with the Petal sisters (sister Maughan and Miller). As we just hung out and got to know em a bit better:) Then we had dinner at the Ishee's. I LOVE THEM!

Tuesday we had DM because the zone leaders (Elder Bailey and Blair) are trying to make it to everyones district meetings, so they changed us to a Tuesday...wasnt to bad BUT it throws off our week, cuz its not the normal schedule of things. Elder Hill gave a great lesson on our purpose and why we do the things we do, with the time that we have as missionaries (they all always look at me when they bring up time is short...idk why?(; ) 

Wednesday we had to be at the church for WILLIE! Willie is gonna be baptized this week on Saturday:) So we had to have a baptismal interview with President Silas (councilor to pres olson) at the church. They are sooo nice, they brought us all lunch and we all just had a party. We then went to find some less actives:) 

Thursday and Friday, was the days of sickness. IDK what it was but dang, those were not fun days:/ 

Saturday we went less active hunting again in a town 40 miles away, found some really cool stories with lots of cool people! I love being a missionary and learning from others!

Sundays are the best days! We got to go to church and have two investigators there! then we went to see a less active that is trying to get her life back on the right road, by first helping herself feel the spirit! How cool! Please pray for her! 

Monday we spent at the Ishee's camp for a district pday! Oh my sooo much fun! We all sat around and showed pictures of home and videos of our crazy lives. Then played some volleyball...and well its Mississippi so we played volleyball in a rainstorm after a bit:) Best way to play volleyball. LOVE Mississippi and the crazy things we do here, but especially the BANANA PUDDING!

Funny story of the week: We went to a Less Actives house who told us they had been playing in the river behind the house and as they were playing...A DEAD COW floats by! haha we died of laughter at that one! He said they still sat and played on the bank! Haha I LOVE THE SOUTH! 

Yall I love you lots! I know God has a purpose and plan for EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENS! You may not know now...but you will one day as to why you are going through those things! Pray to Him and He will help you! 

Sister Durtschi

Elders Baptism in Hattiesburg

Our district + the Ishees

Doodle and us:)

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