Thursday, September 1, 2016

Training Transfer Twelve

Hey Yall!

So this week was oober sad! Sister Scott left and well i found out...IM TRAINING....AGAIN! Idk what president is thinking as she will more than likely be killing me off (be my last companion). Guess she's just gonna have to deal with Sister Durtschi and her craziness. Maybe Sis Scott will have to tell her what to do in how to handle SISTER DURTSCHI...I actually think all my past comps should just write a book and publish it for all those that hang around Sister Durtschi. Call it "How to get along with Sister Durtschi - for dummies" 😅 I crack myself up sometimes!

So the new greenie from the mtc is Sister Hope! Fitting for Sand Hill at this time:) She is from Quincy Washington and loves origami. She is the 2nd youngest with 6 siblings, and loves being a missionary. 

We also have news about the TRACTING!!! We still cant tract:/ BUT the church sent an email to the Richton City attorney and told em they cant tell us not to tract and need to fix the we will find out in a couple weeks what happens. Progress is being made on the problem tho! Happy days!

We went to a baptism this weekend in Hattiesburg. Our elders were having one and so we invited everyone and their dog to one showed up but it was such a cool experience! The Hattiesburg sisters had been teaching this family for a while (actually sister scott tracted into them when she first started over a year ago) Anyways...Thomas got baptized with Mary(the elders investigator) because he found out he had stage 4 cancer and might not live long. So he decided the best thing to do in his life would be baptized! He could barely walk but he did it! It just proves that this gospel is something special! So many people came even though they were trying to do the clean ups in Baton Rouge. I love people making changes! 

Yall this week has taught me a lot about patience and how to align our will with Gods will. Sometimes we have a problem (or lots of them) or you just dont feel like the plan God has is for us...but guess what? He knows what He is doing! WEIRD right!? When we take the time to pray for ourselves and our circumstances and then follow Him...poof we are doing better than we were the day before! We may not have all of our problems fixed or feel to much different, but the only thing we can do is try to be more Christ-like and be better than we were. He always has a plan and a way for you! HE LOVES YOU! (just a tad more than sister durtschi does!) ALWAYS remember that! He wants the best for you! If you let Him, He will give you the BEST! 

I love yall!
Sister Durtschi

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